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I’m not quite sure which incarnation of The Golddiggers this spot is promoting. The group of lovely, talented young women first appeared on The Dean Martin Show in 1968. During the summers of 1968, 1969 and 1970 they headlined their own summer replacement variety show known as Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers and later Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers In London. A syndicated series, officially called Chevrolet Presents The Golddiggers. Plus, there were U.S.O. tours and other performances. Whew!

If I had to guess, I’d say this promotional spot was for syndicated series, the title of which would be shortened to just The Golddiggers. Check out the official, authorized website for The Golddiggers here.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Greg Garrison produced all versions of “The Golddiggers” TV series (as he was also the producer of “THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW”, from whence they originated), including the weekly half-hour syndicated show they appeared in for Chevrolet in 1971-’72; General Motors’ Chevy division primarily sponsored a “checkerboard” of “7:30pm” weeknight syndicated shows from 1971 through ’74 [although not necessarily on the same station], including “THE WACKY WORLD OF JONATHAN WINTERS”, “JOHNNY MANN’S STAND UP AND CHEER”, and Hanna-Barbera’s “WAIT ‘TIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME”.

    This promo appears to be the one prepared for CBS’ owned and operated stations, as the network’s five key affiliates, including WCBS-TV in New York, “bought” the show- actually, they aired it on a “barter” basis: two minutes of ad time went to Chevy, the rest went to the station’s local advertisers, with the shows GIVEN to those stations, free of charge.

  • For more detailed information about how and why The Golddiggers in general, and their syndicated Chevrolet-sponsored series in particular, were created, as well as profiles and pictures of most of the women who were members of The Golddiggers, interested readers might wish to visit the most thoroughly-researched website dedicated to the subject and made with the cooperation of more than a dozen ex-members of the group — The Golddiggers Super Site — at

    And anyone wishing to ask questions of alumnae of both The Golddiggers and Dean Martin’s Dingaling Sisters can do so in the “Pallies Lounge” section of our website, Dean, Golds and Dings, at

    Thank you.

  • You’ll also find The Golddiggers and The Ding-A-Ling Sisters – plus a few surprises – at the soon-to-expand blog ID’d as with the headline “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!”. I’m that blog’s creator returning from a long break, so I have lots – and lots – and LOTS – to tell once I get back in action. See what’s there so far; it will grow further starting in mid-February.

    Cheers!…with thanks from Ralph.

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