Time Travelers Promotional Spot

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This 90-minute made-for-TV movie was the brainchild of Irwin Allen, the man responsible for Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, and other sci-fi shows from the 1960s. It aired on ABC on Friday, March 19th, 1976. Sam Groom and Tom Hallick starred as scientists sent back in time to find the cure for a deadly disease.

Time Travelers was included as an extra on the Season 1, Volume 2 DVD release of another Irwin Allen series, The Time Tunnel.

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  • Cee Jay says:

    This is probably where the powers that be at NBC got the idea for VOYAGERS, the show with Punky Brewster’s real life brother…he and this ‘Voyager’ would travel through time when things in the past were affecting the future…One episode I remember had to so with Babe Ruth deciding whether or not to play baseball

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