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Beyond Tomorrow premiered on Saturday, September 3rd, 1988. It was part of FOX’s attempt to reinvigorate its Saturday line-up (at the time, the “network” was only programming on Saturday and Sunday evenings). Initially, FOX had programmed Saturday with sitcoms before shifting to game shows and dramas. Then, on July 23rd, 1988, The Reporters debuted at 8PM. It was a newsmagazine hosted by Steve Dunleavy. For two months it was followed by a variety of shows before being paired with Beyond Tomorrow.

Here’s what USA Today‘s Matt Roush had to say about the show before it premiered:

Progress has brought us many wondrous things. But it also has given us Fox’s Saturday night schedule, which has always seemed superfluous, if not downright irritating. Now, miracle of miracles, Fox is presenting a Saturday show that’s about progress, and actually bears watching. (Not that it will be watched; it’s up against The Golden Girls.) Imagine, though, a “reality-based” Fox show that doesn’t dwell on the grisly or exploit the tawdry, like the unbearable The Reporters. Beyond Tomorrow – a steal from a successful Australian series, and produced by the same Down-Under company – celebrates and investigates high-tech wizardry, be it in medicine, recreation, business, the home or the arts. This is infotainment at its least grating, science news filtered through a PM Magazine perkiness, all to a West 57th beat of pulsating music and snappy editing. It’s slick, but satisfying in a “gee-whiz” way [1].

I’m not sure exactly when the episode featured in this promotional spot was originally aired but I believe it was late October/early November of 1988. My favorite part is the brief shot of a computer being attacked by The Creeper:

The Creeper

I would really love to see this entire episode. Computer viruses being discussed in 1988? The Creeper?


1 Roush, Matt. “A bright future on Fox.” USA Today. 9 Sep. 1988: 03.D.

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  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Steve Dunleavy continues to write columns for News Corporation’s NEW YORK POST [they, of course, also own 20th Century-Fox and all of the FOX broadcasting and cable interests]. And he’s still just as obnoxious as he was on “THE REPORTERS”….why more people don’t finally realize Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has became the stupifying and ultra-right leaning monster it is now, I just don’t know. Incidentally, Matt Roush is currently TV critic for TV GUIDE, half of which is controlled by…News Corp. {and I’ll never forgive Murdoch for turning it into a second-rate imitation of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, with most of its ex-writers now working for it}.

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