Status Guide – “Coronet Blue”

Episodes of this short-lived drama are all over the place. UCLA’s Film & Television Archive has two, The Paley Center for Media has six and the Library of Congress has all thirteen, including the final two unaired episodes. Most, if not all, of the episodes are also circulating among private collectors, but none have ever been released commercially and it seems highly unlikely that any ever will.

The six episodes at the Paley Center for Media can be viewed by the general public.

Season One: 1967
Ep. #Episode TitleAirdateStatus
1“A Time to Be Born”05/29/1967LoC, Paley
2“The Assassins”06/12/1967LoC
3“The Rebels”06/19/1967LoC, Paley
4“A Dozen Demons”07/03/1967LoC, Paley
6“Man Running”07/17/1967LoC, Paley
7“A Charade for Murder”07/24/1967LoC
9“The Presence of Evil”08/07/1967LoC, Paley
10“Six Months to Mars”08/14/1967LoC, UCLA
11“The Flip Side of Timmy Devon”09/04/1967LoC, Paley, UCLA
12“Where You From and What You Done?”N/ALoC


  • Toby O'B says:

    In a way, this series can be connected to another one, ‘The Nurses’. Michael Alden came to in Alden Hospital and took that name for his own. Alden Hospital was the setting for ‘The Nurses’. Both series were produced by Herbert Brodkin.

  • RGJ says:

    I was not aware of that connection. Very interesting. Another connection: neither show is likely to ever be released on DVD, sad to say.

  • Joseph Harder says:

    Another small factor in Delaying many shows release on DVD is those wonderful folks at CBS Paramount, who sit on a LOT of critically acclaimed shows with cult Followings. (To be fair, Fox does the same thing with the likes of Bus Stop.) In fact, A television historian and collector of my acquaintance had an interesting exchange with a CBS Vice-President about one show in particular. The gist of it was this. ” Why don’t you release (it) on DVD. It was one the most acclaimed shows in CBS history. “It would never make a profit” “But your father always said it was his finest work.” “So what ?”
    At the risk of kicking a dead horse. CBS has no tangible interest in allowing The Trials of O’Brien, The Great Adventure, East Side/West Side, Ben Casey, Coronet Blue, The New Breed, The Nurses, or that show about a politician that will be nameless, to just gather dust on their vaults. if they had any sense of history. ( Wait a minute, i need to laugh sardonically for afew minutes.) they would give all of these programs to the UCLA television archives or The archive of American television so they could actually be put on DVD. Of course, the likelihood of THAT can be measured in negative numbers.

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