Status Guide – “The New People”

All seventeen episodes of The New People are held by UCLA’s Film & Television Archive. Only the pilot, however, is circulating among private collectors. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that any of the episodes will ever be released on DVD. So although the episodes aren’t technically lost, in many ways they still are.

Season One: 1969-1970
Ep. #Episode TitleAirdateStatus
2“Panic in the Sand”09/29/1969UCLA
3“The Tin God”10/06/1969UCLA
5“Comes the Revolution, We Use the Girls’ Shower”10/20/1969UCLA
7“Marriage-Bomano Style”11/03/1969UCLA
8“Is This Any Way to Run an Island?”11/10/1969UCLA
9“The Dark Side of the Island”11/17/1969UCLA
10“A Bride in Basic Black (1): The Courtship”11/24/1969UCLA
11“A Bride in Basic Black (2): The Surrender”12/01/1969UCLA
12“The Pied Piper of Pot”12/08/1969UCLA
13“Speed Kills”12/15/1969UCLA
14“The Guns of Bomano”12/22/1969UCLA
15“The Prisoner of Bomano”12/29/1969UCLA
16“The Siege of Fern’s Castle”01/05/1970UCLA
17“On the Horizon”01/12/1969UCLA

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  • I had just turned 14 when this show premiered and really enjoyed it. I had this major crush on Zooey Hall and after watching “Fortune and Men’s Eyes (1971) I was completely head-over-heels in love with him. I wish The New People episodes had been saved. My younger brother teased me mercilessly because I loved this show, much better than Mod Squad, even though that was the “cool show” to be watching back then.

    TV has gone downhill so far in the last ten or twelve years that I seriously wonder if its days are numbered. Those hundreds of lame reality programs have choked the scripted shows with talented actors, not Joe Shmoe running around on Survivor, where stabbing one another in the back in order to win a million dollars is lapped up by viewers who are too young to remember television before Teen Mom, that moronic Keeping Up With the Karshadians, (sp) and a slew of mediocre fare that does nothing but line the pockets of greedy executives like Mark Burnett and, God help us, Donald Trump. ((shudder))

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