WTIC-TV FOX 61 Image Spot

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Here’s an image spot for WTIC-TV (channel 61), a Connecticut television station that affiliated with FOX in 1986. Prior to that it was independent. The spot is from October of 1992 and was likely part of the station’s 1992-1993 image campaign. Although it features FOX network programming like The Simpsons and Married… with Children, it is most definitely promoting the station, not the network. The WTIC News at 10 is briefly seen, as are syndicated programs like Star Trek: The Next Generation (first-run) and Full House (off-network).

The spot starts abruptly but I don’t know if it was supposed to run for 45 seconds or a full minute. If the latter, a good chunk of the spot is missing.

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  • Well, an audio version of Fox 1992-93 image campaign “Everybody Knows It’s on Fox” along with “It Could Only Happen on Fox” (1993-94 season) can be found on Jay Gruska’s website, the 1992-93 Fox promo goes about 1 minute 30 seconds, there was a version done by the Fox Kids Network (with one of their shows mentioned Batman: The Animated Series, Eek! The Cat, Tiny Toons Adventures, Super Dave, Bobby’s World, Beetlejuice, X-Men, Tom & Jerry Kids, Taz-Mania, Dog City, Merrie Melodies).

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