Maude Fall Preview

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Here’s the 1972 CBS fall preview for Maude. You can read more about how CBS promoted its 1972-1973 season in The 1972 CBS Fall Season.


  • Cee Jay says:

    I loved Maude and I think Norman Lear had a grat knack of dealing with very serious subject in a wonderful manner (Maude’s Abortion, Gloria’s Miscarriage and Edith’s Attempted Rape)

  • Cee Jay says:

    I love when Maude would say “God’ll get you for that Walter” and that made me think of all the characters that had catchphrases and I thought that would be and interesting blog topic

  • Joe says:

    I preferred Maude and Jeffersons to Awful in the Family. Too much screaming on that show. Good Times was good until John Amos left.
    Imagine Happy Days without Howard Cunningham. It’s like the producers of GT cut off the leg of a table and expected it not to fall on the floor.

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