New York City Hooper Ratings, October 1948

I actually can’t say definitively that these Hooper rankings are for October of 1948 because the article they’re included in doesn’t specify. The New York Times published a list of the Top Ten programs in New York City on October 29th, 1948, noting that six were on NBC and two each on CBS and DuMont … Continue Reading →

Television’s First Act of Censorship

The first regularly scheduled, commercial television relay opened on Thursday, May 24th, 1944 between station WNBT in New York City and station WPTZ in Philadelphia. The broadcast was sponsored by the Philco Corporation, which owned WPTZ [1]. For some unknown reason the broadcast wasn’t included in television listings published in The New York Times so … Continue Reading →

W2XBS Schedule, Week of May 12th, 1940

Here’s the schedule for NBC’s experimental station W2XBS in New York City for the week beginning Sunday, May 12th, 1940. The station broadcast every day of the week and there were some very interesting programs on the air, along with the usual sporting events and movies. I wonder what the “Pages and Guides Minstrel Show” … Continue Reading →

W2XBS Schedule, Week of May 7th, 1939

I wrote about the first week of regular, but experimental, television broadcasting in the United States last week. The first week’s programming was filled mostly with live broadcasts from the New York World’s Fair or from the W2XBS studio. I haven’t been able to find an actual schedule listed in The New York Times for … Continue Reading →

October 16th, 1963 Hartford Courant TV Listings

Usually, I don’t have the option of actually scanning the newspapers I use as references. But I got my hands on a few pages from the Wednesday, October 16th, 1963 issue of The Hartford Courant and, luckily, included were the television listings, which I’ve scanned. You can’t tell from the following image but the paper … Continue Reading →

New Article: Unsold Pilots on Television, 1967-1989

A companion piece to Unsold Pilots on Television, 1956-1966, this article is a bit of a disappointment to me. I couldn’t find a single image to add to it, not a TV Guide advertisement, not a newspaper advertisement, nothing. I suppose by the 1980s the networks realized that paying to advertise unsold pilots wasn’t cost … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: Total Television

Total Television By Alex McNeil Published in 1996 by Penguin Books Total Television was my very first television encyclopedia. My copies are quite worn and at one time were filled with sticky notes marking interesting shows. Unlike The Complete Directory to Prime Tim Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present (which I reviewed way back in … Continue Reading →

DVD Tuesday: The Donna Reed Show, The Lucy Show

Several classic shows are getting full season releases today. You can pick up The Donna Reed Show: The Complete Second Season, Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Fourth Season and/or The Lucy Show: The Official First Season. The Lucy Show ran from 1962 to 1967 and was Lucille Ball’s first solo series following the long-running I Love … Continue Reading →