USPS Releases Early TV Memories Stamp Set

The United States Postal Service will officially unveil a set of 20 “Early TV Memories” commemorative stamps today during a special dedication ceremony at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Collectors’ Quest has a wonderful write-up about the stamps. Santa Clarita Valley’s The Signal newspaper has an “>article about the ceremony that includes a list of those who’ll be attending.

The following shows will be receiving a stamp:

The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Dinah Shore Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show
Hopalong Cassidy
The Honeymooners
Howdy Doody
I Love Lucy
Kukla, Fran and Ollie
The Lone Ranger
Perry Mason
The Phil Silvers Show
The Red Skelton Show
Texaco Star Theater
The Tonight Show
The Twilight Zone
You Bet Your Life

An official press release from the USPS can be found here. It includes information on obtaining “First Day of Sale” postmarks from several cities. I’m not a stamp collector but this is one set I think I’ll be buying.

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2 Replies to “USPS Releases Early TV Memories Stamp Set”

  1. I think it’s really neat that these shows are getting stamps because in this day and age of cable with its hundreds of channels and networks it will be nice for people to remember a time when there were only three networks

  2. A great idea…but don’t expect to see any stamps honoring “WHAT’S MY LINE?”, “MY LITTLE MARGIE”, “I MARRIED JOAN” and “WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE”, because they’re “too obscure” to be honored. And you can forget about “THE AMOS ‘N’ ANDY SHOW”, because no one wants to stir up a controversy, even among stamp collectors.

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