Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Trading Cards

This 66-card set was released by Dunruss in 1964 according to its registry page at the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ran from 1964 to 1968 on ABC. During its first season it was broadcast in black and white; the remaining seasons were aired in color. The back of each card urged people to watch the show on their local ABC station. Despite the fact that each is labeled “Series I” it seems a second batch was never released.

Interestingly, according to Mike’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone, some of the images on the cards were actually altered by Donruss. Here are scans of four cards. Click through to see the others.

Card #8 Front

Card #8 Back

Card #48 Front

Card #48 Back

Card #50 Front

Card #50 Back

Card #62 Front

Card #62 Back


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    “VOYAGE” was in black and white during its first season because ABC telecast VERY few color series in prime-time during the 1964-’65 season (only “THE FLINTSTONES” and “JONNY QUEST” were regularly seen in color, as well as a few of “THE SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE” features). In fact, “VOYAGE” was one of the first ABC shows to “convert” to color in the fall of 1965, even though the network was only scheduling about 40% color series in prime-time. I can see where “Card #50″‘s publicity picture was “altered” to fit the ongoing story printed on the back [Basehart’s head looks “too big” for his shoulders, and that obviously wasn’t Henry {Bomber} Kulky as “Curley” leaning over, in the middle].

  • RGJ says:

    His arm does look unusually long, doesn’t it?

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