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DVD Tuesday: More Nothing

It’s the final Tuesday of the year and, like last week, there aren’t a lot of new releases. To be fair, last Tuesday saw just four releases while today there are a total of five, the oldest of which is from 2008. Ah, well, there’s always 2010.

Nielsen Top Ten, October 9th – October 15th, 1972

Here are the first ten programs from the fifth week of the 1972-1973 television season, which ran from Monday, October 9th, 1972 through Sunday, October 15th, 1972. There were a total of 63 programs broadcast during the week and The Los Angeles Times published the complete Nielsen report on October 26th, 1972. All in the … Continue Reading →

How DVDs Ruin Classic Television

Neil Genzlinger has written an amusing article for The New York Times (a free registration may be required) in which he discusses watching a variety of sitcoms from the 1960s on DVD and learning that scenes involving danger and spectacle he thought were so amazing are, upon close inspection, both ineffective and disappointing. For example, … Continue Reading →

W2XBS Schedule, Week of October 8th, 1939

Here’s the schedule for NBC’s experimental station W2XBS in New York City for the week starting Sunday, October 8th, 1939, straight from the weekly television listings printed in The New York Times. It featured NBC’s new “uniform” schedule, introduced on Tuesday, September 26th. There were a lot of interesting programs broadcast during the week, including … Continue Reading →

Status Guide – Thrills and Chills Everywhere

Thrills and Chills Everywhere, also known as Thrills and Chills, premiered in New York City on Wednesday, August 27th, 1941, roughly two months after commercial broadcasting officially began in the United States. It was initially broadcast by WNBT before moving to DuMont’s experimental station W2XWV in May of 1942. You can read about the program … Continue Reading →