DVD Tuesday: Nothing of Interest

I almost forgot all about DVD Tuesday. I’m assuming that because of the holiday the number of DVDs hitting the market today is depressed, with companies thinking most shoppers have finished buying gifts and much of the DVD-buying public is waiting to see what Santa brought them before deciding to buy anything. That’s not to say there aren’t any releases today. There are. But TVShowsOnDVD.com’s list of releases, which is what I usually use for these posts, only includes five new sets (and two are the same episode of Family Guy on DVD and Blu-ray). Compare that to December 8th when 16 new sets came out (four of which were ABC’s Lost in various forms). There isn’t much coming out next week either, but that’s probably to be expected.

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One Reply to “DVD Tuesday: Nothing of Interest”

  1. Apparently, just as there’s “nothing on TV” these days, there’s “nothing on DVD” right now, as well.

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