Status Guide – Kraft Television Theatre, Season Three

I’ve written a brief overview of NBC’s long-running Kraft Television Theatre — which ran from 1947 to 1958 — and the status of its hundreds of episodes, which you can read here. Because the show ran year-round, I initially considered each season to run from May to May (in other words, the first season would have run from May of 1947 to May of 1948). However, I eventually decided to align my status guides with various episode guides available online:, the Internet Movie Database and the Classic TV Database.

Completed Status Guides

Season Air Dates Published
Season One May 7th, 1947 – September 15th, 1948 May 16th, 2009
Season Two September 22nd, 1948 – September 14th, 1949 September 26th, 2009
Season Three September 21st, 1949 – September 20th, 1950 January 9th, 2010
Season Four September 27th, 1950 – September 5th, 1951 February 7th, 2010
Season Five September 12th, 1951 – September 24th, 1952 March 30th, 2010

The third season of Kraft Television Theatre premiered on September 21st, 1949 with the 124th episode of the series and ended on September 20th, 1950 with the 176th episode. Thirteen episodes are held by the Library of Congress, one of which (“The Wind is Ninety”) is also held by UCLA’s Film & Television Archive. The Library of Congress also has six segment of outtakes from “The Wind is Ninety” in its collection. Excerpts from the August 2nd, 1950 episode (“January Thaw”) were included in the sixth anniversary show broadcast on May 6th, 1953; both UCLA and the Library of Congress have copies of this episode. The Museum of Broadcast Communications and the Paley Center for Media don’t have any episodes from this season in its collection.

The January 25th, 1950 episode (“Kelly”) was re-staged on January 10th, 1951. UCLA, the Museum of Broadcast Communications and the Library of Congress all have copies of the 1951 version. No copies of the 1950 version are known to exist.

Season Three: 1949-1950
Ep. # Episode Title Airdate Status
124. “The Man in Half Moon Street” 09/21/1949 LOC
125. “Climax” 09/28/1949 LOC
126. “Apple of His Eye” 10/05/1949 LOC
127. “Your Friendly Nabors” 10/12/1949
128. “Accidentally Yours” 10/19/1949
129. “To Dream Again” 10/26/1949
130. “Whistling in the Dark” 11/02/1949
131. “Happy Ending” 11/09/1949
132. “The Happiest Year” 11/16/1949
133. “In Love with Love” 11/23/1949
134. “Seen But Not Heard” 11/30/1949
135. “Comedy of Errors” 12/07/1949 LOC
136. “Nantucket Legend” 12/14/1949 LOC
137. “The Glove” 12/21/1949
138. “New Brooms” 12/28/1949
139. “That Naborly Feeling” 01/04/1950
140. “As Husbands Go” 01/11/1950
141. “The Vinegar Tree” 01/18/1950  
142. “Kelly” 01/25/1950  
143. “The Old Ladies” 02/01/1950
144. “The Dark Tower” 02/08/1950
145. “The Silent Room” 02/15/1950
146. “Valley Forge” 02/22/1950
147. “Mrs. Moonlight” 03/01/1950
148. “Nineteenth Hole” 03/08/1950
149. “Ladies in Retirement” 03/15/1950
150. “The Queen’s Husband” 03/22/1950
151. “The Copperhead” 03/29/1950
152. “A Doll’s House” 04/05/1950 LOC
153. “The Lucky Finger” 04/12/1950 LOC
154. “Make Way for Lunch” 04/19/1950
155. “Black Sheep” 04/26/1950
156. “The Fourth Step” 05/03/1950
157. “Macbeth” 05/10/1950 LoC
158. “Storm in a Teacup” 05/17/1950
159. “The House Beautiful” 05/24/1950
160. “The Luck of Guldeford” 05/31/1950
161. “The Doctor in Spite of Himself” 06/07/1950
162. “Good Housekeeping” 06/14/1950
163. “Noah” 06/21/1950
164. “The Wind is Ninety” 06/28/1950 LoC
165. “Jeannie” 07/05/1950
166. “Murder on the Nile” 07/12/1950 LoC
167. “Accent on Youth” 07/19/1950
168. “Mr. Barry’s Etchings” 07/26/1950
169. “January Thaw” 08/02/1950 LoC/UCLA
170. “Feathers in a Gale” 08/09/1950
171. “September Tide” 08/16/1950 LoC
172. “The First Mrs. Fraser” 08/23/1950 LoC
173. “The Detour” 08/30/1950
174. “Last Trump” 09/06/1950
175. “The Great Big Doorstep” 09/13/1950
176. “Last Stop” 09/20/1950


  • Jim Beaver says:

    The “Kelly” confusion is due to the fact that the January 25, 1950 production was so successful that it was done again, in a separate live performance, on January 10, 1951, nearly a year later. I have this straight from E.G. Marshall who starred in both productions. Is it possible that the two holdings are of the different performances?

    • RGJ says:

      Jim, thanks for raising this issue. After doing some additional research it looks like there are no copies of the original January 25th, 1950 version of “Kelly” in any of the big television archives. The Library of Congress, the Museum of Broadcast Communications and UCLA’s Film & Television Archive all have copies of the January 10th, 1951 version, although only the Library of Congress correctly identifies it as a re-staging.

      The Museum of Broadcast Communications identifies its version as airing on January 10th, 1950. This date is doubly inaccurate. You can watch the episode online and at the beginning, the announcer notes that it is the 192nd presentation. At the end, the announcer promotes the following week’s play as “Best Years,” which was broadcast on January 17th, 1951. Clearly, this is the 1951 version.

      UCLA notes that its copy is the 192nd play broadcast by Kraft Television Theatre, which identifies it as the 1951 version, but gives the 1950 date.

      As further confirmation that the Museum of Broadcast Communications and UCLA have the 1951 version, television listings in The New York Times state that Ann Francis appeared in the 1950 version alongside E.G. Marshall and Mark Roberts while Olive Deering appeared alongside Marshall and Roberts in the 1951 version. The end credits to the version available for viewing at the Museum of Broadcast Communications include Deering as does the cast list at UCLA.

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