Status Guide – Kraft Television Theatre, Season Five

I’ve written a brief overview of NBC’s long-running Kraft Television Theatre — which ran from 1947 to 1958 — and the status of its hundreds of episodes, which you can read here. Because the show ran year-round, I initially considered each season to run from May to May (in other words, the first season would have run from May of 1947 to May of 1948). However, I eventually decided to align my status guides with various episode guides available online:, the Internet Movie Database and the Classic TV Database.

Completed Status Guides

Season Air Dates Published
Season One May 7th, 1947 – September 15th, 1948 May 16th, 2009
Season Two September 22nd, 1948 – September 14th, 1949 September 26th, 2009
Season Three September 21st, 1949 – September 20th, 1950 January 9th, 2010
Season Four September 27th, 1950 – September 5th, 1951 February 7th, 2010
Season Five September 12th, 1951 – September 24th, 1952 March 30th, 2010

The fifth season of Kraft Television Theatre premiered on September 12th, 1951 with the 227th episode of the series and ended on September 24th, 1952 with the 279th episode. Coverage of the Republican National Convention pre-empted the series on July 9th, 1952 while coverage of the Democratic National Convention pre-empted the series two weeks later on July 23rd. The Classic TV Database has an episode titled “The Intruder” airing on Tuesday, July 22nd, 1952 but listings in The New York Times and other newspapers indicate that additional convention coverage was shown that day. An episode titled “The Intruder” did air in July of 1953, however.

At least one source gives the name of the October 24th, 1951 episode as “Interference” while most sources call it “Intolerance.” Also, according to one source, the August 27th, 1952 episode was originally supposed to be “Mr. Barry’s Etchings,” with Geoffrey Lumb and Leola Thatcher. Instead, “The Small Hours” with Lauren Gilbert and Grace Kelly was broadcast on that date. “Mr. Barry’s Etchings” was shown the following week on September 3rd. The Library of Congress holds twelve episodes in its collection. UCLA’s Film & Television Archive, Museum of Broadcasting and The Paley Center for Media do not have any episodes from this season in their collections.

Season Five: 1951-1952
Ep. # Episode Title Airdate Status
227. “The Tale of the Wolf” 09/12/1951
228. “The Wren” 09/19/1951
229. “The Climax” 09/26/1951
230. “Irish Eyes” 10/03/1951
231. “Seen But Not Heard” 10/10/1951
232. “Moon Over Mulberry Street” 10/17/1951
233. “Intolerance” (aka “Interference”) 10/24/1951
234. “Hour of Crisis” 10/31/1951
235. “Justice” 11/07/1951
236. “Never Be the Same” 11/14/1951
237. “Dear Brutas” 11/21/1951 LoC
238. “The Fair Haired Boy” 11/28/1951
239. “Loyalties” 12/05/1951
240. “The Golden State” 12/12/1951 LoC
241. “Incident on Fifth Ave 12/19/1951
242. “Nantucket Legend” 12/26/1951 LoC
243. “The New Gossoon” 01/02/1952 LoC
244. “Phillip Goes Forth 01/09/1952 LoC
245. “The Round Table” 01/16/1952 LoC
246. “The Peaceful Warrior” 01/23/1952
247. “Mrs. O’Brien Entertains” 01/30/1952
248. “Follow the Dream” 02/06/1952
249. “The Skin Game” 02/13/1952
250. “The Mollusk” 02/20/1952
251. “September Tide” 02/27/1952
252. “What Anne Brought Home” 03/05/1952 LoC
253. “The Thief” 03/12/1952
254. “The Bride the Sun Shines On” 03/19/1952
255. “The Rugged Path” (aka “On The Rugged Path”) 03/26/1952 LoC
256. “The Ryan Girl” 04/02/1952
257. “The Last Mile” 04/09/1952 LoC
258. “Green Cars Go East” 04/16/1952
259. “The Summit” 04/23/1952
260. “The Man in Half Moon Street” 04/30/1952
261. “She Stoops to Conquer” 05/07/1952 LoC
262. “The Inn” 05/14/1952
263. “Prologue to Glory” 05/21/1952
264. “Third Visitor” 05/28/1952
265. “At Mrs. Beam’s” 06/04/1952
266. “The Cricket on the Hearth” 06/11/1952
267. “Death of a Kid Gleason” 06/18/1952
268. “Thorn in the Flesh” 06/25/1952
269. “A Time for Turning” 07/02/1952
PRE-EMPTED: Republican National Convention 07/09/1952  
270. “Great Big Doorstep” 07/16/1952 LoC
PRE-EMPTED: Democratic National Convention 07/23/1952  
271. “The Music Master” 07/30/1952
272. “Six by Six” 08/06/1952
273. “Lace on Her Petticoat” 08/13/1952
274. “Indian Summer” 08/20/1952
275. “The Small Hours” 08/27/1952 LoC
276. “Mr. Barry’s Etchings” 09/03/1952
277. “Letters to Lucerne” 09/10/1952
278. “Truman Capote’s The Grass Harp” 09/17/1952
279. “Background” 09/24/1952

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