F Troop Promotional Spot (Forrest Tucker)

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Here’s a promotional spot for the premiere of F Troop in which Forrest Tucker introduces the show, which premiered on September 14th, 1965 in black and white. The following season, the show’s last, it was seen in color. Notice that there’s time at the end of the spot for local station identification.


  • P says:

    And I wonder if ‘Batman,’ still a highly-rated show but clearly not at the top as it was for its first season, served as an excellent lead-in to the 2nd season of ‘F Troop’ on Thursday nights in 1966-67.

    Here’s a fact: Immediately following ‘F Troop’ at 8:30 pm on the ABC schedule for that season was ‘The Tammy Grimes Show.’ Anybody remember that one? The ratings were so awful for ‘Tammy Grimes’ that the network canceled it before the month of September was out and in its place aired a nighttime version of ‘The Dating Game.’ ‘The Green Hornet’ was also a new addition to the ABC prime-time lineup but aired on Friday nights; both it and ‘F Troop’ would be gone at the conclusion of the season.

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    As for new Warner Bros. management discontinuing the series after season two [purely for economic reasons], executive producer William T. Orr himself confirmed their decision to Jeff Kisselhoff in his 1991 oral TV history book, “The Box”. I’ll “shoot” his quote to you when I have a chance…….

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    This is what Bill Orr told Jeff Kisseloff concerning the demise of “F TROOP”, by way of explaining his idea to “extend” the life of his early ’60s Warner Bros. TV shows for future syndication:

    “ABC was the last network to go to color. When they did, I told Jack {Warner, his father-in-law} and Benny Kalmanson {the studio’s East Coast executive V.P.} that we should shoot in color, but print them in black and white. That way, we would have the color when we got to syndication.
    “‘It’ll cost more to paint the sets.’
    “I said, ‘So what?’ but he killed it. In the long run, it cost us millions. Today, all those shows would be on if they were in color. The only thing on is ‘F TROOP’. The first year of that was black and white and the second year was in color, and then Benny had it taken off because we were three thousand dollars over budget.”

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