2010: TV’s New Obscurities

I’ve compiled the following list of “new” obscurities, television programs that were broadcast during 2010 for 13 episodes or less. Some have episodes left unaired that may eventually see the light of day online or through a DVD release. Programs that were renewed for the remainder of the 2010-2011 season, although not necessarily for the … Continue Reading →

2010’s Most Used Keyphrases

Here’s a look at the most used “keyphrases” of 2010, meaning the phrases entered into search engines that led people to this site, as well as some of the more unusual ones. 10 Most Used Keyphrases of 2010 television obscurities tv obscurities obscure tv shows it s about time it s about space the good … Continue Reading →

2010’s Most Popular

Here’s a quick look at the most popular articles, exhibits, videos and posts of 2010. 10 Most Popular Articles of 2010 10 Of The Most Outlandish TV Concepts Ever “The Good Guys” “The New People” Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon W*A*L*T*E*R Outtakes, Bloopers & Goofs “It’s a Man’s World” “It’s About Time” “The Outsiders” “The … Continue Reading →

Television Obscurities on Hiatus

I’m taking a break from Television Obscurities for a while. In television parlance, I suppose you could say I’m placing the site on hiatus. It won’t go anywhere and everything will still be available, I just won’t be updating articles or posting new content. I originally launched Television Obscurities during the fall of 2002 and … Continue Reading →