Man from Atlantis Coming to DVD from Warner Archive

Next week, Warner Archive will be giving NBC’s 1977 drama series Man from Atlantis two collections available on DVD and digital download. The Complete TV Movies Collection will, as the title suggests, collect the four made-for-TV movies that originally aired between March and June of 1977. Similarly, The Complete Television Series will collect the thirteen … Continue Reading →

Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives Offline?

Is anyone out there able to search the collection and/or watch digitized programs at the Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives? I have tried numerous times over the past few weeks to log in but get a “connection has timed out” error after each attempt. I thought perhaps my log-in credentials, which I believe were created … Continue Reading →

8 Years of Television Obscurities

I launched Television Obscurities over eight years ago in June of 2003 (after an earlier attempt, best forgotten, had faltered). It was originally hosted by Tripod but I moved it to its own domain in January of 2004. Eight years is a long time in the land of television. Most of the new programs that … Continue Reading →

Television Obscurities Returns

The hiatus lasted quite a bit longer than I anticipated but after six months Television Obscurities is back. I’m feeling reinvigorated and I’ve spent a little bit of time over the past few weeks tinkering with a few things. Like the new front page, for example. And you’ll notice that there is now a new … Continue Reading →