Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives Offline?

Is anyone out there able to search the collection and/or watch digitized programs at the Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives? I have tried numerous times over the past few weeks to log in but get a “connection has timed out” error after each attempt. I thought perhaps my log-in credentials, which I believe were created … Continue Reading →

8 Years of Television Obscurities

I launched Television Obscurities over eight years ago in June of 2003 (after an earlier attempt, best forgotten, had faltered). It was originally hosted by Tripod but I moved it to its own domain in January of 2004. Eight years is a long time in the land of television. Most of the new programs that … Continue Reading →

Television Obscurities Returns

The hiatus lasted quite a bit longer than I anticipated but after six months Television Obscurities is back. I’m feeling reinvigorated and I’ve spent a little bit of time over the past few weeks tinkering with a few things. Like the new front page, for example. And you’ll notice that there is now a new … Continue Reading →