50th Anniversary of The Tammy Grimes Show

Star Trek isn’t the only TV show celebrating a big anniversary today. The Tammy Grimes Show also premiered 50 years ago on Thursday, September 8th, 1966–only on ABC, not NBC. The two shows actually aired opposite one another from 8:30-9PM ET. Star Trek lasted for three years before it was cancelled; The Tammy Grimes Show was off the air after just four episodes.

Title card from The Tammy Grimes Show opening credits (from a b&w print)
Title card from The Tammy Grimes Show opening credits (from a b&w print)

I wrote an article all about The Tammy Grimes Show last year. You can find it here. I’ve also written an overview of the unaired and unproduced episodes of the sitcom. Six episodes were completed but never shown by ABC. As far as I know, they’ve never been aired anywhere in the world. Another nine scripts were finished but never filmed.

Who remembers watching The Tammy Grimes Show five decades ago? I wonder if there were any people who watched it and then switched over to catch the second half of Star Trek on NBC rather than stick with ABC and watch Bewitched. Probably not.

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  1. This show ran for 4 weeks and was replaced by a nighttime version of The Dating Game. 2 facts about Tammy Grimes: [1] 2 years earlier, she was offered Bewitched, but turned it down because she thought it was too absurd. Of course Dick Sargent her TV brother later became Darren. [2] Tammy Grimes is still alive and does a touring caberet music act.

  2. I remember watching the premiere of “The Pruitts of Southampton” that season, but do not remember watching this. I do remember being excited about seeing “Bewitched” in color.

  3. I had read that Tammy turned down ‘Bewitched” because she thought dealing with the special effects would be too difficult and time-consuming.

  4. I watched the four episodes when they were originally broadcast – and felt so bad for her when the show was cancelled.

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