Hondo Coming to DVD

Short-lived western Hondo is coming to DVD. Warner Archive hasn’t officially made the announcement, so details may change. Right now, the release date is June 13th. This will be a manufacture on demand set.

The series ran for 17 episodes on ABC during the 1967-1968 season. Based on the 1953 John Wayne film of the same name, the TV series starred Ralph Taeger as Hondo Lane. The former Confederate soldier operates out of Fort Lowell in Arizona Territory. Along with with his dog, Sam, he hopes to prevent violence between the United States Army and Indians.

Gary Clarke played Captain Richard, in charge of Fort Lowell, who offers Hondo a job as a scout. Noah Beery, Jr., played Buffalo Baker, Hondo’s friend and fellow scout. Kathie Brown played Angie Dow, who runs a general store at Fort Lowell. Buddy Foster played Johnny, Angie’s young son. Michael Pate had a recurring role as Apache Chief Vittoro, Hondo’s former father-in-law. Pate also played Vittoro in the 1953 film.

Among the guest stars were Robert Reed, Denver Pyle, Claude Atkins, Nick Adams, Forest Tucker, and Michael Rennie.

Hondo currently airs on diginet getTV. Warner Archive Instant streamed the series from 2015 to 2016.

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  • Hal says:

    excellent series that finally got its due in reruns on TNT (for a decade!) and now getTV. Warner Archive streamed it back in 2013 as well and will likely stream it again in the future,

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