Movin’ On Released on DVD

Last May, I wrote about one man’s quest to rescue NBC drama Movin’ On from relative obscurity. The drama series starred Claude Akins and Frank Converse. It ran for two seasons and 44 episodes from 1974 to 1976. Movin’ On made its triumphant return to television syndication in 2011. Currently, the series is streaming through Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Pro Classic TV.

What about DVDs? There were no definitive plans for a DVD release last year. Today, you can buy the series on DVD. The two seasons are available separately, each with a suggested retail price of $39.95. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news? Neither of the season sets include the pilot telefilm, In Tandem.

Color cover art for the first season of Movin' On on DVD.

Movin’ On Season 1 DVD Cover Art
Courtesy of Allie Vaughn/Peter Rodgers Organization

A company called Alliance Vaughn is responsible for releasing Movin’ On on DVD. The Peter Rodgers Organization continues to serve as distributor. Please note that these are manufacture-on-demand DVD sets. They’re currently only available for purchase through the MovieZyng website:

Hopefully they’ll be available through Amazon and other retailers soon.

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  • James Shell says:

    It was a pretty good show… Route 66 in a truck. Two good actors in the lead roles who worked well together.

  • Ron Albanese says:

    I really love when series like this come out … such a treat to just dive in and watch! Movin’ On definitely had its moments …

    The only question I have is, did people really say “do it like Pruitt” back then?

  • Karen Martin says:

    When I was in high school Movin’ On was one of my favorite series. But, alas, $40’a season doesn’t fit into my minuscule budget. The good news is that the episodes have been restored, and some will get to see them again.

  • Jim says:

    This was shown on RETRO a few yrs ago

  • Kevin says:

    I’ve read that, when this show aired, it was President Gerald Ford’s favorite television show. Incorrectly, it was said that when Ford lost the election in November 1976 the series was cancelled, but this was impossible since it was announced the series was cancelled in Spring 1976.

  • Lenny Semeraro says:

    What Happened To The pilot Telefilm, In Tandem. And The Missing Eps Annie’s Song ??? You Think They Would Include Them

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