50th Anniversary of Batman

Higher Quality Batman Promotional Spot Available

Last month I posted dramatically higher quality fall previews for The Headmaster and The Interns. At the time I noted that this wasn’t something I’d be doing often. However, I do have a higher quality version of a Batman promotional spot that features Batgirl, featured in my article Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon. Here’s a … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: More Signet Batman Covers

Bookshelf: Signet Batman Paperbacks

New Article: ABC and Batman’s Fourth Commercial Spot

I’m fairly confident this is the last article I’ll be writing that focuses heavily on Batman. The first, of course, was Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon, followed by William Dozier’s Unsold Dick Tracy Pilot (while not about Batman per se, there are strong connections between that series and this unsold pilot) and then Broadcast Twice … Continue Reading →

ABC and Batman's Fourth Commercial Minute

Batman Trading Cards

Random Batman Memorabilia