Higher Quality Batman Promotional Spot Available

Last month I posted dramatically higher quality fall previews for The Headmaster and The Interns. At the time I noted that this wasn’t something I’d be doing often. However, I do have a higher quality version of a Batman promotional spot that features Batgirl, featured in my article Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon. Here’s a … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: More Signet Batman Covers

After reading my post about Signet’s various Batman tie-ins, Jeff recalled that he had two of the paperbacks, scanned the covers and sent them to me. The books Jeff has are Batman vs. 3 Villains of Doom, the one actual tie-in novel, and Batman vs. The Penguin, the third collection of reprints from various Batman … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: Signet Batman Paperbacks

Today I’m going to write about a series of paperbacks published by Signet Books in 1966 relating to ABC’s Batman. I haven’t read any of these, nor do I own any of them, but Carl was kind enough to scan the covers to two of them for me. Signet, an imprint of publisher New American … Continue Reading →

New Article: ABC and Batman’s Fourth Commercial Spot

I’m fairly confident this is the last article I’ll be writing that focuses heavily on Batman. The first, of course, was Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon, followed by William Dozier’s Unsold Dick Tracy Pilot (while not about Batman per se, there are strong connections between that series and this unsold pilot) and then Broadcast Twice … Continue Reading →

ABC and Batman's Fourth Commercial Minute

Batman Trading Cards

According to Old Bubblegum Cards.com three sets of Batman trading cards were released in 1966 by Topps (the third of which was issued in two versions). The four cards I’ve scanned are from Series 1, known as the “Orange Backs” or “Black Bat” cards. Another set, based on the 1966 feature film, was also released. … Continue Reading →

Random Batman Memorabilia

ABC’s Batman burst onto the scene in January of 1966 and its popularity led to an incredible assortment of toys, collectibles and memorabilia. Action figures, board games, trading cards, coloring books and more. Here’s a black and white promotional photograph featuring pre-printed autographs of Adam West and Burt Ward, from 1966. I believe it was … Continue Reading →

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