Does Television Need Another Twilight Zone?

The Twilight Zone may be remade on television for the third time. Why can’t obscure shows like Coronet Blue ever get remade? If they did, maybe it would mean the original versions would be released on DVD. Continue Reading →

Status Guide – “Coronet Blue”

Episodes of this short-lived drama are all over the place. UCLA’s Film & Television Archive has two, The Paley Center for Media has six and the Library of Congress has all thirteen, including the final two unaired episodes. Most, if not all, of the episodes are also circulating among private collectors, but none have ever … Continue Reading →

New Article – “Coronet Blue”

There is a lot of misinformation on Coronet Blue floating around on the Internet. I hope this article can help clear things up. This hour-long drama starred Frank Converse as a young man pulled out of a river with no memory of his past save two words: coronet blue. He gives himself the name Michael … Continue Reading →

Next Television Obscurities Article: “Coronet Blue”

Voting for the next Television Obscurities article has closed and “Coronet Blue” has won with 50% of the vote: This hour-long drama has developed something of a cult following due to the mystery surrounding the plot. In the series, a man is pulled out of a river with no memory of his past aside from … Continue Reading →