National Hooper Ratings, September 1949

Larry Wolters was very specific about the period these ratings covered, writing on October 28th, 1949 that “Milton Berle is again top man in television, according to the first fall Hooper poll of video. The initial checkup, covering September, placed him far ahead of his nearest competitor.” That’s an understatement. According to Wolters, Berle had … Continue Reading →

First National Hooper Ratings, May 1949

The C. E. Hooper, Inc. got into the television ratings game in early 1948, initially only surveying viewing in the New York City area. The very first local Hooper report for New York City came out in March of 1948 (I don’t know the exact period it covered) and it would be some time before … Continue Reading →

New York City Hooper Ratings, November 1948

Here are the Top Ten sponsored programs broadcast during November of 1948 in New York City according to C.E. Hooper. The article in The New York Times pointed out that the top show, Texaco Star Theatre (The Milton Berle Show) on WNBT, drew an 80.7 rating, “the highest rating ever released for either a television … Continue Reading →

New York City Hooper Ratings, October 1948

I actually can’t say definitively that these Hooper rankings are for October of 1948 because the article they’re included in doesn’t specify. The New York Times published a list of the Top Ten programs in New York City on October 29th, 1948, noting that six were on NBC and two each on CBS and DuMont … Continue Reading →

Hooper Rating for June 1948 Joe Louis-Jersey Joe Walcott Fight

WNBT’s live broadcast of the Louis-Walcott fight at Yankee Stadium on Friday, June 25th, 1948 was an unqualified success. The two boxers had previously met in a December 1947 bout where Joe Louis defeated Jersey Joe Walcott. The rematch was originally planned for June 23rd but postponed twice. According to one June 22nd article in … Continue Reading →

Television’s First Ratings

I believe, but cannot say definitively, that the very first audience ratings for television — covering the New York City area — were released on March 4th, 1948 by C.E. Hooper, Inc. It was certainly the first report issued by Hooper and as far as I know it was the first to venture into the … Continue Reading →

New York City Hooper Ratings for Election Night 1948

According to C.E. Hooper, Inc. on November 2nd, 1948 — Election Night — 74.1% of television households in New York City were watching election coverage between 9PM and 11PM on one of five stations [1]. Here are the specifics: Station Rating WNBT: 32.3 WJZ: 15.0 WABD: 13.6 WCBS: 8.2 WPIX: 5.0 Before reporting Hooper’s ratings … Continue Reading →

New York City Hooper Ratings, December 1948

Here are the top ten “regularly sponsored” television shows in New York City from December of 1948 according to C.E. Hooper [1]: 1. Texaco Star Theatre (WNBT) 2. Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts (WCBS) 3. Toast of the Town (WCBS) 4. We, the People (WCBS) 5. Amateur Hour (WABD) 6. The Howdy Doody Show – Friday … Continue Reading →