Revew: The New People, They Came from the Sea

Review: The New People: They Came From the Sea

My review of The New People: They Came From The Sea, written by Alex Steele (pseudonym of William Johnston) and published by Tempo Books in September 1969. Continue Reading →

My Very Favorite Obscurity

The New People is my personal favorite obscurity. Learn why. Continue Reading →

More On the Alternate Pilot to The New People

Late last month, I posted about an alternate version of The New People pilot episode and said I would have more information. Here’s what I was able to find out. I spoke on the phone with Mark Quigley, manager of the Archive Research & Study Center at the UCLA Film & Television Archive about the … Continue Reading →

UCLA to Screen Alternate Version of The New People Pilot Episode

The UCLA Film & Television Archive is in the middle of a Rod Serling retrospective titled “Rod Serling: Other Dimensions.” A web page for the retrospective can be found here while a Los Angeles Times article about the retrospective can be found here. It began in late July and will continue through mid-September. Screenings have … Continue Reading →

The True Opening Theme to The New People

This is frankly very embarrassing. For the past six years I’ve thought that the theme I have included in my article on The New People is the correct opening theme. I was wrong. What I’ve been presenting as the opening theme is apparently just another version of the closing credits. Here’s what happened. Only one … Continue Reading →

The New People/Charlie’s Angels Connection

What does a short-lived drama that ran from 1969-1970 have to do with ABC’s wildly popular Charlie’s Angels? Not much. For the past few years The New People‘s Internet Movie Database trivia page has included the following entry: The footage of the plane crash was later used in an episode of “Charlie’s Angels” (1976) entitled … Continue Reading →

Status Guide – “The New People”

All seventeen episodes of The New People are held by UCLA’s Film & Television Archive. Only the pilot, however, is circulating among private collectors. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that any of the episodes will ever be released on DVD. So although the episodes aren’t technically lost, in many ways they still are. Season One: 1969-1970 … Continue Reading →

How The New People Impacted The Bold Ones

When NBC announced its 1969-1970 schedule in February of 1969, included was a series called The Now People that would actually be the umbrella title for three individual shows that were, at the time, unnamed [1]. The Now People would include a legal drama, a police drama and a medical drama. Sound familiar? It should, … Continue Reading →