Bookshelf: The New People #1 (Comic Book)

More On the Alternate Pilot to The New People

Late last month, I posted about an alternate version of The New People pilot episode and said I would have more information. Here’s what I was able to find out. I spoke on the phone with Mark Quigley, manager of the Archive Research & Study Center at the UCLA Film & Television Archive about the … Continue Reading →

UCLA to Screen Alternate Version of The New People Pilot Episode

The UCLA Film & Television Archive is in the middle of a Rod Serling retrospective titled “Rod Serling: Other Dimensions.” A web page for the retrospective can be found here while a Los Angeles Times article about the retrospective can be found here. It began in late July and will continue through mid-September. Screenings have … Continue Reading →

The True Opening Theme to The New People

This is frankly very embarrassing. For the past six years I’ve thought that the theme I have included in my article on The New People is the correct opening theme. I was wrong. What I’ve been presenting as the opening theme is apparently just another version of the closing credits. Here’s what happened. Only one … Continue Reading →

The New People/Charlie’s Angels Connection

What does a short-lived drama that ran from 1969-1970 have to do with ABC’s wildly popular Charlie’s Angels? Not much. For the past few years The New People‘s Internet Movie Database trivia page has included the following entry: The footage of the plane crash was later used in an episode of “Charlie’s Angels” (1976) entitled … Continue Reading →