Local New York City Pulse Ratings, January 1954

I hate to sound like a broken record but I don’t know the exact period these ratings are for because the article they were published in doesn’t include that important bit of information. They’re from the January 31st, 1954 edition of The New York Times and are introduced as “the latest rating report” from The … Continue Reading →

Local Chicago Pulse Ratings, April 1950

During April of 1950, the top three television programs on the air in Chicago, seen on 457,565 television sets (as of April 1st), were as follows: ## Program Rating 1. Arthur Godfrey and His Friends 60.4 2. Texaco Star Theater (The Milton Berle Show) 52.8 3. The Lone Ranger 52.1 Arthur Godfrey and His Friends … Continue Reading →

National Nielsen, Videodex and Pulse Ratings, April 1950

A May 31st, 1950 article in The Chicago Daily Tribune offers a wonderful opportunity to compare three television rating services on a national level. As always, the article doesn’t indicate the period these figures cover but the inclusion of a Bob Hope special (his very first, actually) titled “Star-Spangled Revue” means they date back at … Continue Reading →

New York City Pulse Ratings, November 1949

As has been the case previously, there’s no way to know the exact period these rankings for the New York City area from The Pulse, Inc. cover. A December 11th, 1949 article in The New York Times stated only that the rankings come from “the latest report” and list the “major television shows finishing in … Continue Reading →

Los Angeles Pulse Ratings, March 1950

As is often the case I don’t know the exact period covered by these Pulse rankings. The April 10th, 1950 article in The Los Angeles Times I’m using as a source simply refers to the “latest Pulse ratings” and also doesn’t include the actual rankings. It mentions only that station KTTV (at the time jointly … Continue Reading →

August 1948 New York City Pulse Ratings

The Pulse Inc. was founded in 1941 and like other companies in the audience measurement business was focused on radio. The company used person-to-person interviews rather than phone calls or electronic monitoring. The New York Times reported the results of The Pulse, Inc.’s television ratings for the month of August in the New York City … Continue Reading →