Does Television Need Another Twilight Zone?

The Twilight Zone may be remade on television for the third time. Why can’t obscure shows like Coronet Blue ever get remade? If they did, maybe it would mean the original versions would be released on DVD. Continue Reading →

The Twilight Zone Viewer’s Choice Marathon

For its New Year’s Eve/Day marathon of The Twilight Zone this year, Syfy is doing something a little different. It will include a Viewer’s Choice countdown of the Top 40 episodes as voted by fans at the Syfy website. The overall marathon begins at 9AM on Saturday, December 31st. According a press release, the Viewer’s … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: The Twilight Zone #18

The Twilight Zone #18 First Published November of 1966 Published by Gold Key/K.K. Publications, Inc. Gold Key’s comic book series based on The Twilight Zone ran for 91 issues from November of 1962 to June of 1979. It was never published monthly, often coming out every other month or every few months. During 1966 a … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: Chilling Stories from Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone

Chilling Stories from Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone First Published in August of 1965 Published by Tempo Books This short story anthology, which cost fifty cents when it was published in 1965 as a paperback, contains ten short stories written (or adapted) by Walter B. Gibson. They were originally published in 1963 by Grosset & … Continue Reading →

50 Years of The Twilight Zone

Fifty years ago today, on another Friday evening in early October, a new half-hour television program had its debut on CBS at 10:00PM. It was called The Twilight Zone and was created, hosted and written (in large part) by one man: Rod Serling. Already famous for penning several award-winning television dramas, The Twilight Zone would … Continue Reading →