First National TV Guide Published 62 Years Ago Today

First National TV Guide Published 59 Years Ago Today

The very first issue of the national TV Guide magazine was published 59 years ago today on April 3rd, 1953. It may have hit newsstands a few days earlier, however. On the cover was Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV (better known as Desi Arnaz, Jr.), Lucy and Desi’s “$50,000,000 Baby” (born January 19th, 1953). Here’s how … Continue Reading →

Changes at TV Guide

I’ve added two commercial spots for TV Guide fall preview issues to my TV Guide Commercial Spots article, and, coincidentally, The New York Times published an interesting article about TV Guide yesterday, in which Jeremy W. Peters relates how the magazine is in the midst of a valiant effort to cut costs and become an … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: TV Guide, March 27th, 1965 Edition

TV Guide, Volume 13, Number 13 (Issue #626) Published March 27th, 1965 Published by Triangle Publications, Inc. 122 Pages Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore of The Dick Van Dyke Show were on the cover of this issue of TV Guide. As the scan of the front cover shows my copy is pretty beat … Continue Reading →

Bookshelf: TV Guide, October 3rd, 1964 Edition

TV Guide, Volume 12, Number 40 (Issue #601) Published October 3rd, 1964 Published by Triangle Publications, Inc. 96 Pages Mia Farrow of Peyton Place fame graced the cover of this issue of TV Guide. Not surprisingly, most of the issue consists of television listings, but there are also 28 pages of articles, split between a … Continue Reading →

Star Trektennial TV Guide Advertisement

I wrote about the two-hour “Gene Roddenberry Presents: Star Trektennial Special” last month. It was broadcast on August 16th, 1976 by KTLA in Los Angeles and probably syndicated to other stations as well. Andy e-mailed me this scanned TV Guide advertisement for the special: Advertisement for the Star Trektennial Special – August 1976Copyright © TV … Continue Reading →

TV Guide Network Getting Rid of Listings

Another day, another example of the constantly evolving television landscape. According to Ad Age, cable channel the TV Guide Network (formerly the TV Guide Channel) plans on dropping its scrolling television listings in order to focus on entertainment/reality programming. The cable channel is no longer connected with the print magazine that shares its name; Lionsgate … Continue Reading →