My Mother the Car Available for Free at Hulu [Updated]

I’m a big fan of Hulu, a website that streams television shows and movies for free (with limited commercials), and probably watch a few episodes a week online. There’s so much available that it’s actually a little daunting. Although newer shows often only have a handful of episodes online at any given moment, for classic shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Outer Limits or The Big Valley you can watch entire seasons or sometimes every single episode whenever you want. Moments ago I was quite literally shocked to discover that you can watch all 30 episodes of Jerry Van Dyke’s My Mother the Car at Hulu.

Update: My Mother the Car was removed from Hulu at some point, likely in 2013 or 2014.

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available to those within the United States. The only other relatively “obscure” show available at Hulu is Return to the Planet of the Apes, although there are plenty of recent one season wonders like Vanished, Surface and even all 7 episodes of The Return of Jezebel James, four of which never aired on television.

Given that a DVD release for My Mother the Car seems unlikely, making the entire series available online for free in very nice quality is the next best thing. It doesn’t help fans outside the United States, but if it means we may see other obscure shows from the 1960s, I’m all for it.

Update: All 30 episodes of My Mother the Car were released on DVD by TGG Direct in November 2013.

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3 Replies to “My Mother the Car Available for Free at Hulu [Updated]”

  1. Sure, there’ll be a DVD release of “MY MOTHER THE CAR”…IF SONY [the current owner/distributor of the program, as they own the “United Artists” TV library] thinks it’ll make money for them. I’m quite sure someone associated with them is keeping a “tally” on how many “hits” each episode gets at “Hulu”, before making that final decision. Only 30 episodes were produced in the 1965-’66 season…and it became a “joke” in the industry as the “worst series on TV”; it even earned a reference in “THE MUNSTERS” 1966 episode “Zombo”, as guest star Louis Nye regrets his ever becoming a “kiddie show host”, declaring, “I was made for better things…’Macbeth’- ‘Hamlet’…’MY MOTHER, THE CAR’!”. Actually, the series was quite funny. Jerry Van Dyke was just as effective playing “straight man” to Ann Sothern’s voice as Alan Young was to Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane’s “MISTER ED”.

  2. Besides, Paul Hampton’s infectous theme song (which he wrote and performed, and a great “folk-dixie” arrangement, with cowbell) was one of THE great TV themes- you could sing along to it and feel good about it, even if you never saw the series.

  3. I agree, as an Ann Sothern fan, I really like this show, though a bit of the writing is bad – the Porter can only go 9 mph tops – less than a Motel T, or Model A? Don’t think so-

    The acting of Maggie Pierce, Jerry Van Dyke, Randy Whipple, and Cindy Eilerbach is great –

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