1960s Twister Commercial

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It’s unfortunate that the commercial is in black and white given that Twister is a game that involves so many bright colors. Presumably the commercial was supposed to be in color, only this comes from a black and white print. I can’t say exactly when this commercial originally aired, only that Milton Bradley first released Twister in 1966 so it must have been at some point after that.

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  1. The first time most people heard of or saw “Twister” in action was on “THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON” in May 1966. He demonstrated exactly how the game was played one evening (with Eva Gabor as one of the players). Everyone involved wound up in “knots”, the studio audience howled, and most viewers went out and bought the game as a result. This commercial was transferred from a black and white kinescope of a live/taped program, so I’m quite sure a color version of this commercial was seen as well.

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