Marcus Welby, M.D. Coming to DVD

Marcus Welby, M.D., the popular medical drama that was the very first ABC program to reach #1 in the Nielsen ratings, is finally coming to DVD. The series, which starred Robert Young, James Brolin and Elena Verdugo, ran for six seasons from 1969 to 1976. Shout! Factory will release the first season on May 4th. Included will be the made-for-TV pilot movie that launched the series. The company made the announcement in its January 2010 Newsletter.

Here’s the Shout! Factory blurb:

Marcus Welby Knows Best
We’ve been fortunate enough to release Seasons 1-4 of Father Knows Best, starring a 1950s-era Robert Young, and are now delving into his 1970s follow-up hit, Marcus Welby, M.D. The popular series–the #1 ranker was ABC’s first hit–centers on the Santa Monica-based doctor who actually makes house calls. The rock star of a GP shares his practice with the younger and more by-the-book Dr. Kilby, portrayed by James Brolin. Both actors earned Emmys® for their roles and went on to play these characters for seven seasons. Look for the first season in a 7-DVD set, which will include the original two-hour pilot movie “A Matter Of Humanities,” on May 4.

More details are

3 Replies to “Marcus Welby, M.D. Coming to DVD”

  1. See, NBC/Universal won’t release “MARCUS WELBY, M.D.” on DVD themselves because, even though THEY own it, they feel there just aren’t enough “fans” to justify the cost of marketing box sets (as there are in, say, “THE OFFICE” and assorted crap they’re releasing on DVD these days). So they hand the rights over to Shout! Factory and say, “Here, release these as you see fit- just make sure we get OUR cut, okay?”. Corporate greed makes people do unreasonable things…and occasionally, some good ones as well.

  2. Hopefully they’re not syndication prints because they weren’t that great when CBS used to air the show weekday afternoons in New York during the late 70’s early 80’s.

  3. So how do we get these “corporations” to release Marcus Welby MD box sets? Customer Service should be considered somewhere?

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