FOX Cancels Murder Police Without Airing It

Update: According to, no full episodes of Murder Police have been completed, only scripts and footage from various episodes.

According to TV Guide, FOX has decided not to air a new animated sitcom called Murder Police, due to premiere in mid-season 2014. The network ordered 13 episodes of the series, about an incompetent police officer, would have been part of the network’s Sunday night Animation Domination lineup. Reportedly, the network was not impressed by rough cuts.

Production company 20th Century Fox plans to wait until more episodes have been finished before trying to shop the series to cable channels. So it may not ultimately wind up a New Obscurity. For the moment, you can still find the official Murder Police page at the FOX website.

Murder Police joins a long list of shows FOX and other networks have decided not to broadcast despite having multiple episodes completed and ready to air. Prior to the 1990s, however, this practice was rare. You can read about four examples from the 1960s through the 1980s in my article Programs Cancelled Before They Premiered, 1963-1988.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    With such a ‘dangerous’ title like “MURDER POLICE”, how could FOX even CONSIDER it?

  • The central characters sound pretty cliched, which could make it difficult to come up with fresh material. I didn’t give a thought to the title, but unless you do use the two words as a verb and its object (murder (the) police), it doesn’t work well.

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