2 Replies to “CBS 1979-1980 Image Spot (“Looking Good”)”

  1. yeah?? things were not looking so good!=face the facts and fact checkers”’//read those contemporary issues of broadcasting ^ cable magazine for 1979;;===_{available at all college libraries across this country.} cbs was not the dominating force financially at that time;;===and it was only a few years before the emergence of full cable ; nationally,,,>>>in fact” nbc with the sole genre of anthology and mystery series led the trends//remember amy -Prentiss and lonigans rabbi??? over and over teleplay writers were fidgeting .’round how to explore new material and using established character actors,,,…why do yo think Stephen Spielberg tipped his hat to rat patrol and other cinematographic giants who brought hollywood special effects to the home viewing public on tv? rod serling did continue his career with that self -parody called NIGHT GALLERY??….. name one cbs product that stirred creativity; even after irwin allen went over;-budget with time tunnel and sorts years before?

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