Garfield for Alpo Cat Food

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Here’s a 1990 commercial for Alpo Cat Food featuring Garfield, perhaps the most famous cat in America.

Sandy Duncan for Noxzema Skin Cream

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Here’s a commercial for Noxzema Skin Cream featuring Sandy Duncan, from the 1970s.

Cheryl Tiegs for Breck Hair Color

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Here’s a 1968 commercial for Breck Hair Color featuring Cheryl Tiegs, in which she doesn’t say a single word. Instead, she just shakes her hair to show off its beautiful Breck color. The last few seconds are missing.

Bobby Sherman Milk Commercial

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Here’s a commercial for milk (“The Vitality Drink”) featuring Bobby Sherman. It’s an “integrated” commercial that aired during an episode of ABC’s Shindig and was supposed to feel like part of the show rather than a commercial. It’s possible it was shown during numerous episodes. Sherman was a regular performer on the musical variety series.

The commercial was paid for by the American Diary Association, which sponsored Shindig during the 1964-1965 season.

Martin Mull for Pizza Hut

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Here’s a commercial for Pizza Hut featuring Martin Mull, from 1984.

The Partridge Family for Rice Krispies

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Here’s a commercial for Rice Krispies featuring the cast of The Partridge Family in character. I’m not familiar enough with the series to be able to say whether this was a “sponsor commercial” that was only aired in conjunction with the series or if it was a traditional commercial. Nor can I say if David Cassidy is actually singing during the commercial.

Notice that unlike the rest of the cast, Susan Dey is only in the background, nor do the lyrics don’t mention her character’s name the way they do the others. Brian Forster appears as Chris Partridge in the commercial, meaning it is not from the first season (1970-1971) when Jeremy Gelbwaks played Chris.