Television Archives and Museums

There are a handful of television archives and museums in the United States that together contain hundreds of thousands of hours of television programs. These include the Library of Congress, the Paley Center for Media and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Some are open to the general public, others are restricted primarily to scholars … Continue Reading →

Television Programs I’m Looking For

Although I try to write about all aspects of obscure television, there are a few areas that I’m particularly interested in. For example, I’ve been researching Mary Kay and Johnny off and on for years. I’m also very interested in Kyle McDonnell’s television work in the late 1940s, the various programs hosted by Tex McCrary … Continue Reading →

Lost or Missing

Introduction In my opinion, a distinction should be made between television programs that were never recorded at all and those that were recorded but for which no copies are known to exist. Admittedly, the terms “lost” and “missing” are in many fairly interchangeable but in my mind, to say a certain program is “lost” implies … Continue Reading →