Frequently Asked Questions

How much are my old issues of TV Guide worth? What about my old TV script?

I have a strict policy of not appraising or evaluating collectibles or memorabilia of any sort, including issues of TV Guide. I am simply not qualified. You can check Amazon or eBay to see if your item or similar items have been sold or auctioned off recently.

If you have a large collection or a relatively rare item, you might consider contacting auction houses specializing in memorabilia like Heritage Auctions, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles, or Profiles in History. If you’re looking to sell old TV Guide issues, you might want to contact TV Guide Specialists.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies.

Why isn’t my favorite TV show on Me-TV (or Cozi TV, or Decades, or Antenna TV)?

Television Obscurities is not affiliated with any television network or cable channel. I do not know how they make their scheduling decisions or why certain shows are removed or added. If you have comments about programs seen on Antenna TV, Me-TV, Cozi TV, Retro TV, Decades, or getTV, you can contact them directly:

You can also try contacting them through Facebook or Twitter.

Can you send me copies of my favorite obscure TV show?

I am unable to provide copies of TV shows, even ones featured here at Television Obscurities. This is primarily due to copyright concerns. Please check Amazon to see if your favorite obscure or short-lived TV show is available on VHS or DVD. You might be pleasantly surprised.

A family member was on an episode of The Howdy Doody Show or The Dating Game? How can I get a copy?

Your best bet is to check museums and archives like The Paley Center for Media, The Library of Congress, or The UCLA Film & Television Archive to see if they have the TV show your relative was on. Although you probably can’t get a copy, at least you might be able to go and watch the episode. Another option would be to try to track down the production company or current copyright holder. You can search copyright records through the United States Copyright Office.

I can’t remember the name of a TV show I watched decades ago. Can you help?

I always do my best to help people identify TV shows, made-for-TV movies, or specials they remember watching. Contact me with as much information as you can remember. Unfortunately, if all you can remember is a vague description and a rough date range, it may not be possible to identify the TV show in question. But I’ll do my best. You can contact me here.