TV’s Lost & Found

Sadly, much of our television history no longer exists. Many early, live broadcasts were never recorded. Others that were recorded (on film or videotape) were later destroyed, erased, or misplaced. The search for lost and missing television never ends.

Fortunately, some programs have been rediscovered over the years, sometimes in the hands of private collectors but also in archives and libraries where they were mislabeled or simply forgotten.

I’ve written about “lost” and “missing” television quite a bit over the past few years and you can find all my posts on the subject here. I’ve also compiled a number of status guides for a variety of programs, listing which episodes are known to exist, and you can find those here.

The following articles cover a variety of topics relating to “lost” and/or “missing” television programs.

The Difference Between “Lost” and “Missing” Television Programs
My argument for making a clear distinction between “lost” and “missing” television programs and why it is important to focus more on the latter.

Television Archives and Museums
A brief look at several important institutions with large collections of television programs, including the Library of Congress, The Paley Center for Media and UCLA’s Film & Television Archive.

Television Programs I’m Looking For
A list of some of my most wanted television programs and specials. Can you help find them?