Category: The Networks

These articles look at promotional efforts, fall previews, special programming, and other aspects of network TV.

Writing the Networks in the 1960s

If you wanted to express your support or frustration with a TV show in the 1960s, one of the few ways to do it was by writing the networks. ABC, CBS, and NBC each maintained a mail department dedicated to dealing with viewer mail.

The Fall 1974 That Wasn’t

The networks were forced to rework their Fall 1974 schedules after a court ruled that the FCC could not immediately relax the Prime Time Access Rule, and six sitcoms were pulled.

CBS and Psycho

CBS planned to air Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in September 1966 but pulled it after a tragic murder took place just days before it was set to air. The network attempted to reschedule but finally decided not to air the movie.

Mid-Season 1979

Midway through the 1978-1979 season, the networks rolled out their mid-season replacements. Most were flops, including Delta House, Little Women, Cliffhangers, Turnabout, and Married: The First Year.