Category: The Networks

These articles look at promotional efforts, fall previews, special programming, and other aspects of network TV.

The 1972 CBS Fall Season

The 1972 CBS fall season introduced some long-running hits–M*A*S*H and The Waltons–as well as some failures–The New Bill Cosby Show and The Sandy Duncan Show. The network’s jingle was “Have We Got a Fall for You.”

Building NBC’s 1966-1967 Schedule

Learn how much work went into crafting NBC’s 1966-1967 schedule, which included new shows like Star Trek, The Monkees, and Occasional Wife, plus a few show that never materialized.

Batgirl and the Batman Phenomenon

Yvonne Craig joined Batman as Batgirl for its third season (1967-1968) in an attempt to reinvigorate the show and its ratings. A short presentation was filmed to introduce Batgirl to ABC executives.