Category: The Networks

These articles look at promotional efforts, fall previews, special programming, and other aspects of network TV.

NBC Saturdays, 1984-1985

Most of the new shows NBC tried on Saturday during the 1984-1985 season failed, including Partners in Crime, Double Trouble and Berrenger’s.

The Magic of ABC

More than a dozen ABC stars joined magician David Copperfield for “The Magic of ABC,” the network’s 1977-1978 fall preview special.

Fall 1974: NBC

Fall 1974 saw NBC premiere nine new shows, only three of which turned out to be flops: Born Free, Sierra, and Lucas Tanner.

Fall 1974: CBS

Fall 1974 saw CBS premiere just five new shows, including four flops: Paul Sand in Friends & Lovers, Planet of the Apes, Sons and Daughters, and The Manhunter.

Fall 1974: ABC

Fall 1974 saw ABC premiere 10 new shows, including flops like Nakia, Kodiak, The Texas Wheelers, The New Land, Paper Moon, and Get Christie Love!