Audio Exhibit: All in the Family Closing Credits, 1975-1976

Listen to audio from the closing credits to 20 out of 24 episodes of All in the Family aired on CBS during the 1975-1976 TV season. You’ll hear network voiceover promotional spots for shows like Maude, Medical Center, Popi, The CBS Thursday Night Movie, Beacon Hill, and more.

1953 Gallery Promotional Booklet

Gallery was a proposed hour-long NBC anthology series for the 1953-1954 season, to be produced by Worthington Miner. This 26-page booklet offers a glimpse at what the series could have been.

Full Issue of 1949 Television Forecast

The August 20th, 1949 of Television Forecast includes listings for WBKB, WNBQ, WENR-TV, WGN-TV, and WTMJ-TV, plus articles, editorials, advertisements, and more.

ABC Promotional Artwork, 1971-1975

Browse a collection of promotional artwork from the 1970s for ABC shows like The Rookies, Harry O, A Touch of Grace, The New Land, The Texas Wheelers, and more.

Full Issue of 1951 TV Showtime

The November 5th, 1951 issue of TV Showtime, an early program guide covering Nebraska and Iowa, includes listings for KMTV, WOI-TV, and WOW-TV as well as brief articles.

Vintage Sponsor Spots

A collection of sponsor spots from the 1950s and 1960s for companies and products like Coke, Cover Girl, Pillsbury, Marlboro, Faberge, Kellogg’s, Nair, Stri-Dex, and Bit-O-Honey.

The Good Life Script Material

Take a look at an early concept outline and several script pages from NBC’s short-lived 1971 sitcom The Good Life starring Larry Hagman and Donna Mills.

Full Issue of 1948 Television Forecast

Television Forecast was one of the earliest program guides, covering the Chicago area. The September 6th, 1948 issue features listings for stations WGN-TV and WBKB, short articles, advertisements, and more.

FOX Image Campaigns, 1987-1990

Take a look at three complete image campaigns for FOX from the late 1980s/early 1990s, when the network was still new and still finding its footing.

Full Issue of 1951 TV News

TV News was an early program guide covering Western New York. Read through the entire June 2nd, 1951 issue with articles about Groucho Marx and WBEN-TV’s Buffalo Amateur Show. On the cover is singer Marion Marlowe.

The New People Comic Books

Dell published two comic books based on ABC’s short-lived TV series The New People in 1970. Each contained two original stories. Both issues were later reprinted in Mexico.