Full Issue of 1951 TV News

TV News Volume 2, Number 23
Originally published June 2nd, 1951 by Western New York TV NEWS, Inc.
Copyright 1951 Western New York TV NEWS, Inc.

TV News was an early television program guide covering the Western New York area, specifically Buffalo and Rochester. The first issue was published in November 1950. Billing itself as “a weekly TV program and News Magazine,” TV News provided daily television listings, letters to the editor, articles, recipes, crossword puzzles and comic strips, plus advertisements. It included listings for stations WBEN-TV in Buffalo and WHAM-TV in Rochester.

This exhibit presents the 23rd issue of the second volume of TV News, which contained listings for Saturday, June 2nd through Friday, June 8th, 1951. At the time, each issue cost 15 cents and a year’s subscription was $5. Nathaniel Scheur served as president of Western New York TV NEWS, Inc., with Henry C.F. Stewart as vice-president and Milton J. Lindsay as Secretary-Treasurer. Elizabeth C. Baxter was editor of the magazine itself, Edgar Jaworski was the art editor, Henry C.F. Stewart doubled as business and advertising manager and Robert Scheur was circulation manager.

On the cover was singer Marion Marlowe of CBS-TV’s Arthur Godfrey and His Friends. It is not known when TV News stopped publishing.

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  • Cee Jay says:

    It was interesting to see the schedule because you get to see when shows we now see at all hours were on when they were first on in their original time slots.

    Also seeing the local ads make me wonder if any of those businesses are still open

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