Creator of Cancelled CBS Drama So Help Me Todd Reveals What Would Have Happened

So Help Me Todd aired its series finale last week on CBS after a short second season consisting of just ten episodes. A legal comedy/drama starring Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin, So Help Me Todd debuted in September 2022 and performed well enough for CBS to renew it for a second season. Unfortunately for fans of the show, CBS cancelled it last month, turning the second season finale into an unplanned series finale.

Although it won’t make up for the show ending unexpectedly, creator Scott Prendergast has shared details about what would have happened in Season 3 and beyond. In fact, he’s revealed his plans through the series finale, which would’ve taken place at the end of Season 7!

You can read interviews with Prendergast at TV Insider, Deadline Hollywood, and TVline.

Kudos to Scott Prendergast for being willing to give fans some closure.

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33 Replies to “Creator of Cancelled CBS Drama So Help Me Todd Reveals What Would Have Happened”

  1. I don’t know why So Help Me Todd was cancelled.I don’t think CBS knows what it is doing. The West is going up in smoke yet they have this fictional Fire Country on the air. They put this horrible Yellowstone on after 60 minutes. It is laughable if it wasn’t do sad.

      1. I, too, looked forward to the cleaver twists and unexpected outcomes of every episode. CBS should reconsider its decision to cancel So Help Me Todd .

    1. WHY cbs Why? So many enjoyed So help me Todd. I was sure it would be a long running show! Fire Country should Go WAKE UP CBS! I hope another network or even Paramount+ picks up So Help Me Todd!! With the world today n the way things are going This show was a Real winner among the common Fokes!

    2. I totally agree, you have a great comedic show. Reviews and audience is there. So what’s the problem???

    3. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Was so disappointed to see it end. This really sucks.

  2. It is a shame that So Help one Todd was cancelled! It was something that the entire family could watch together. Please bring it back.

  3. Please bring it back my teen and myself loved it. We could sit together and laugh it was great. What’s the excuse for canceling this show ?

    1. Hello Iris,
      TV Obscurities is a website created and maintained by a private individual who shares his research on television shows. No one connected with this website had anything to do with cancelling So Help Me Todd, so I’m not sure why you are asking the website owner what his excuse was for the cancellation. Perhaps you could contact the CBS television network with your concerns.

  4. So Help Me Todd is original, well-written, and fun to watch. Why would CBS cancel this example of excellent programming? I am a major fan of CBS and will not abandon my many favorites. Paramount + was the first streaming service I subscribed to separately from other connections. I watch several old TV shows repeatedly-good theater is well worth rewatching. So Help Me Todd is good theater.

  5. I loved So Help Me Todd please don’t get rid of this show. Loved the people in the show. I would record this show and watch it on my days off. Please bring this show back. Loved the fact that Marcia Gray could really dress like a boss. Her and Todd together were very comical. I know that they weren’t mom and son but they both acted very well together. Loved the show and the other stars also. Please bring them back to CBS best show on Thursday night for me in Texas. Bring them back. Thank You

  6. I was so disappointed that “So Help MeTodd “, the clever legal firm comedy/drama, has cancelled!
    I looked forward to the talented cast portraying a variety of identifiable personalities, getting involved in and out of so many intriguing situations. I appreciate that every one of the talented actors is so good at being their character that you want to see what develops and follow them into the next rewarding episode, the next predicament. We all crave to see “a next good something”! What a VOID…this cancellation!

  7. So Help Me Todd is definitely one of my whole family and extended friends favorites.
    It’s unless one quality shows like this are canceled, and they still have shows on that are low in quality, low in ratings, poorly written, and not family friendly.
    Please, somebody pick up this show. The acting, storylines, plots, and chemistry on this show is so far above most of the shows out there.

  8. I love So Help Me Todd. Please reconsider cancelling the show, Listen to your viewers. CBS needs to listen. Tell them!

  9. I agree with everyone. Great show. Clever writers, great acting. Dramatic, as well as comical. Pulls on your emotions. One of the best shows on TV in quite some time. Do the higher ups really know what they are doing?

  10. So Help Me Todd is the best show that has been on in years. What in the world is wrong with you people!!!! Bring it back please.

  11. Along with every little thing which appears to be building within this subject material, many of your points of view happen to be very radical Nonetheless, I appologize, because I do not give credence to your whole theory, all be it exhilarating none the less It looks to everybody that your opinions are actually not totally justified and in actuality you are your self not entirely certain of your assertion In any case I did appreciate reading through it

  12. I understand why it was cancelled!
    All the actors and stories were fun to watch. But the writers had to many stupid childish lines for Todd. Example: In S1 E18 Told sees his mother held hostage by a lady with a bomb strapped to her body talking to someone on a phone. Instead of being deeply terrified for his mother and everyone in the building. The writers made his first response. “Who is she talking to?” Todd lines are generally too childish for a Real Private Investigator for a law firm. They made his character represent a three year old to often. The maturity of Todd was childish and lacking common sense responses that would be normal for anyone in life. I loved everything about the show, but the 3 year old parts of Todd’s character.

    1. That’s not why it was cancelled. It had ratings that should have been good enough to get it renewed, but CBS decided it had to cancel a good show to make way for a new show, and to provide “coherent” programming on a particular night, and they needed this show’s time slot. Idiotic! Yet they’re still showing the ridiculous Fire Country. As for Todd’s character — the show was a comedy! Comedies exaggerate characters’ traits for comic effect. I think you’re pretty much alone in your critique.

  13. This is the only comedic show I have enjoyed since “Nash Bridges.” So sorry to year it’s been cancelled! To “Jack,” who “understands why it was cancelled,” you totally missed the point. It was meant to be FUNNY, not realistic! Clever writing, great casting, brilliant acting, and I’m really upset to learn that I’m just about to watch the series finale! And they’ve renewed the ridiculous “Fire County”! I gave up on that show after about 4 episodes of the first season. I guess CBS is aiming for the audience that doesn’t actually watch shows, but has them on in the background.

  14. Best new comedy!! My husband and I loved it and so looked forward to watching it. With all the crap going on in our world it was a ray of sunshine for an hour! Please bring the show back!!

  15. My entire family has watched these episodes several times. I can’t express how disappointed we are that it was cancelled. Especially in the manner that jt was cancelled, with no real answers to som many questions. Is there any chance the Netflix can pick it up?

  16. That’s why I wait awhile, the second season, before I watch a show on CBS because the network gives up on a good shows too quickly.

  17. My friends and I loved So Help Me Todd. Yes it was silly at times but such a relief and escape from the real world . I can’t understand why CBS thinks shows with murder, torture, and overly sappy emotional content are more appealing. I wish another network or streaming service would produce this show even if seasons 3-7 have been revealed.

  18. I LOVE this show! It is one of the only shows that I can watch with my 12-year-old. It avoids inappropriate storylines, and the humor appeals to me at 46 and him as a preteen.

  19. My wife and I watch it together and love the show… it’s smart, interesting, funny and serious. Does a great solving cases within a diverse and some what dysfunctional family.
    Show has at least one more season in order to end it properly.

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