First Nintendo TV Commercial Aired in the United States Restored and Preserved

Ars Technica published an article earlier this week exploring the restoration and preservation of what may be the very first TV commercial for Nintendo to air in the United States. Curiously, the commercial doesn’t actually mention Nintendo, which as a Japanese company dates back to 1889. In 1980, Nintendo teamed up with toy company Mego to release four of Nintendo’s handheld electronic Game & Watch games in the United States using a different name: Time-Out.

Mego promptly filmed a TV commercial for the Toss-Up Time-Out game, and potentially the other three games as well. The Video Game History Foundation has restored a 16 mm film print of the Toss-Up commercial. The resulting video is far superior to versions of the commercial taken from VHS recordings.

Learn more about how the film print was discovered and restored at the Video Game History Foundation website.

Source: Ars Technica

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