The Americans (1961)

The Americans aired for 17 episodes on NBC from January to May 1961. Darryl Hickman and Dick Davalos starred as brothers fighting on different sides during the Civil War. The two alternated as lead each week. Continue Reading →

The Tammy Grimes Show

ABC yanked The Tammy Grimes Show off the air after just four episodes in September 1966. It was one of the quickest cancellations in television history. Tammy Grimes, Richard Sargent, and Hiram Sherman starred. Continue Reading →

My Life and Times

Tom Irwin starred in this unique half-hour ABC drama series as an elderly man in the year 2035 looking back on his life. It was pulled after just two episodes had aired; four others were later burned off, leaving one unaired. Continue Reading →

Slattery’s People

Richard Crenna starred in this CBS drama that was a critical darling when it premiered in September 1964. But viewers didn’t tune in. CBS surprisingly renewed the series only to cancel it a few weeks into the 1965-1966 season. Continue Reading →

Miss Susan

Susan Peters, paralyzed from the waist down in a 1945 hunting accident, starred in this daily, 15-minute soap opera that ran on NBC from March to December 1951. Peters played a young attorney. Little is known about the series and only two episodes are known to exist. Continue Reading →

My World and Welcome To It

My World and Welcome To It was a critically acclaimed but short-lived sitcom based on the works of humorist James Thurber. It ran on NBC during the 1969-1970 season. William Windom starred. Continue Reading →


June Havoc starred in this sitcom about a small town lawyer. It ran on CBS for 39 episodes during the 1954-1955 season. Continue Reading →

The Headmaster

Andy Griffith returned to TV with this CBS drama series in which he played the headmaster of a private school. Ratings were low so after just 14 episodes CBS revamped the series as The New Andy Griffith Show in January 1971. Continue Reading →

Morton & Hayes

During the summer of 1991, CBS aired six episodes of this unusual series that presented “lost” short films starring the fictional comedy duo of Chick Morton and Eddie Hayes. Continue Reading →

The Interns

Critics hated this medical drama that ran on CBS for 24 episodes during the 1970-1971 season. Broderick Crawford starred alongside Stephen Brooks, Christopher Stone, Hal Frederick, Mike Farrell and Sandra Smith. Continue Reading →

The Four Seasons

Alan Alda created this 1984 CBS sitcom that starred Jack Weston as a neurotic dentist who decided on a whim to move from Los Angeles to New York City. CBS put the series on hiatus only weeks after it debuted and ultimately cancelled it after just 13 episodes. Continue Reading →


Otherworld was a short-lived sci-fi series that ran on CBS for 8 episodes in early 1985. It followed the adventures of the Sterling family, trapped on a parallel Earth and desperate to find their way home. Continue Reading →

Writing the Networks in the 1960s

If you wanted to express your support or frustration with a TV show in the 1960s, one of the few ways to do it was by writing the networks. ABC, CBS, and NBC each maintained a mail department dedicated to dealing with viewer mail. Continue Reading →


Renne Jarrett and John Fink starred in this sitcom as the daughter of the U.S. President who falls in love with a veterinarian. NBC aired 17 episodes during the 1970-1971 season. Continue Reading →

My Living Doll

My Living Doll starred Bob Cummings as a scientist caring for an advanced robot and Julie Newmar as the lovely robot. It ran for 26 episodes on CBS during the 1964-1965 season. Cummings quit before the season ended. Continue Reading →


SEARCH starred Hugh O’Brian, Tony Franciosa and Doug McClure as sophisicated, high tech agents tasked with recovering valuable items. It ran on NBC for 23 episodes during the 1972-1973 season. Continue Reading →

CBS and Psycho

CBS planned to air Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in September 1966 but pulled it after a tragic murder took place just days before it was set to air. The network attempted to reschedule but finally decided not to air the movie. Continue Reading →

The Mike Wallace Interview

Mike Wallace had a number of local newscasts under his belt when he started hosting this half-hour interview series on ABC in April 1957. By the time it went off the air in September 1958 it had generated a slew of complaints, accusations, and lawsuits. Continue Reading →

90 Bristol Court

90 Bristol Court consisted of three separate 30-minute sitcoms–Karen, Harris Against the World and Tom, Dick and Mary–set at the same apartment complex. NBC cancelled two of them halfway through the 1964-1965 season. Continue Reading →

Joe and Mabel

Joe and Mabel took a torturous route to television, with six scrapped episodes and multiple missed air dates. 13 episodes eventually aired in 1956. Larry Blyden and Nita Talbot starred. Continue Reading →

Meet Millie

Meet Millie ran for some 200 episodes on CBS between 1952 and 1956 but is all but forgotten today. Elena Verdugo. Florence Halop, and Marvin Kaplan starred. Continue Reading →

Coronet Blue

CBS only aired 11 of the 13 produced episodes of Coronet Blue during the summer of 1967, after keeping them on the shelf for years. Frank Converse starred in the enigmatic drama. Continue Reading →


Based on a real life police officer, this 1973-1974 ABC series starred Tony Musante, who shocked the network by quitting the series after one season just as he had promised he would. Continue Reading →

Mid-Season 1979

Midway through the 1978-1979 season, the networks rolled out their mid-season replacements. Most were flops, including Delta House, Little Women, Cliffhangers, Turnabout, and Married: The First Year. Continue Reading →

Red Dwarf USA

NBC made two attempts to get Red Dwarf USA on the air. A full pilot was produced in 1992 followed by a partially recast presentation film but no series materialized. Continue Reading →

It’s A Man’s World

This 1962-63 NBC drama series about four young men living on a houseboat was widely praised by critics and attracted a small but loyal audience that fought in vain to keep it on the air. Continue Reading →

The Good Life

Larry Hagman and Donna Mills starred in this NBC sitcom as a couple who quit their jobs to become servants for a wealthy family. It ran for 15 episodes during the 1971-1972 season. Continue Reading →

Cliffhangers: Series Overview

Cliffhangers was an umbrella series consisting of three 20-minute serials: Stop Susan Williams, The Secret Empire, and The Curse of Dracula. It aired on NBC as a mid-season replacement from February to May 1979. Continue Reading →

The Tab Hunter Show

Tab Hunter starred in this NBC sitcom, which aired during the 1960-1961 season, as the creator of a popular comic strip not-so-loosely based on his life as a carefree bachelor. It was part of NBC’s attempt to alter the way it programmed Sunday evenings. It didn’t work. Continue Reading →
Still from the opening credits to Accidental Family.

Accidental Family

Jerry Van Dyke and Lois Nettleton starred in this NBC sitcom about a widowed father and a divorced mother living together on a farm. It ran for 16 episodes during the 1967-1968 season. Continue Reading →

Sons and Daughters

Just nine episodes of this drama were aired on CBS during the fall of 1974. Set in the mid-1950s, Glynnis O’Connor and Gary Frank starred as high school seniors falling in love. Continue Reading →


UPN only aired seven episodes of this action/adventure series during the 2000-2001 season. A total of 12 were produced and all of them aired internationally along with the original, unaired pilot. Continue Reading →


“W*A*L*T*E*R” was an unsold CBS sitcom pilot starring Gary Burghoff in which Radar from M*A*S*H became a police officer. It aired in July 1984. Continue Reading →

Home Free

Matthew Perry starred in this short-lived ABC sitcom from 1993 about a carefree twenty-something living with his mother and working as a reporter. Critics savaged it and viewers didn’t tune in. Continue Reading →

It’s About Time

It’s About Time ran for one season on CBS from 1966 to 1967. Sherwood Schwartz created the sitcom, which starred Frank Aletter, Jack Mullaney, Imogene Coca, and Joe E. Ross. Continue Reading →

Mr. Lucky

John Vivyan and Ross Martin starred in this adventure drama about a gambler, his friend and their floating casino located in international waters. Only then the casino angle was dropped because sponsors were concerned. Continue Reading →

The Young Rebels

The Young Rebels starred Rick Ely, Alex Henteloff and Lou Gossett as young revolutionaries fighting the British in 1776. It ran on ABC for 15 episodes during the 1970-1971 season. Continue Reading →

History of the Fall Preview Special

The networks started airing fall preview specials in the early 1960s, giving viewers the chance to preview their new and returning TV shows. Not every special aired nationally. Learn more about the history of the fall preview special in this article. Continue Reading →

The Outsiders

FOX aired 13 episodes of this drama series during the spring of 1990. It picked up where Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 movie, based on S.E. Hinton’s 1967 novel, left off. Continue Reading →

Camp Runamuck

NBC stuck by this slapstick comedy for 26 episodes during the 1965-1966 season despite horrible reviews from critics. Arch Johnson, Dave Ketchum, Dave Madden, and Leonard Stone starred. Continue Reading →

Ferris Bueller

Heading into the 1990-1991 season NBC had high hopes for this sitcom, based on the popular 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Charlie Schlatter starred as scheming high school student Ferris with Jennifer Aniston as his older sister. Just 13 episodes were produced. Continue Reading →

The Good Guys

CBS stuck by The Good Guys for one-and-a-half seasons from September 1968 to January 1970. Bob Denver, Herb Edelman, and Joyce Van Patten starred. Continue Reading →

The Rebel

The Rebel starred Nick Adams as Johnny Yuma, a troubled man traveling the West helping people in need. It ran for two seasons on ABC from 1959 to 1961. Continue Reading →

Fall 1974: CBS

Fall 1974 saw CBS premiere just five new shows, including four flops: Paul Sand in Friends & Lovers, Planet of the Apes, Sons and Daughters, and The Manhunter. Continue Reading →

Fall 1974: ABC

Fall 1974 saw ABC premiere 10 new shows, including flops like Nakia, Kodiak, The Texas Wheelers, The New Land, Paper Moon, and Get Christie Love! Continue Reading →

The 1972 CBS Fall Season

The 1972 CBS fall season introduced some long-running hits–M*A*S*H and The Waltons–as well as some failures–The New Bill Cosby Show and The Sandy Duncan Show. The network’s jingle was “Have We Got a Fall for You.” Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Galacticas

ABC had high hopes for its sci-fi epic Battlestar Galactica, which blasted off to high ratings but was cancelled after one season. The network then regretted its decision and tried to revive the series in the form of Galactica 1980. Continue Reading →

The Ugliest Girl In Town

The Ugliest Girl In Town is one of those infamous shows that really has to be seen to be believed. Peter Kastner starred in the 1968-1969 ABC sitcom about a man who pretends to be a woman so he can be with the woman he loves. Continue Reading →

TV Guide Commercials

Do you remember watching commercials for TV Guide? In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s the magazine used to barter with stations to air weekly commercials in return for free ad space. Continue Reading →

Blondie On Television

There have been two attempts to bring the Blondie comic strip to TV, first on NBC in 1957 with Arthur Lake and Pamela Britton and again on CBS in 1968 with Will Hutchins and Patricia Harty. Both flopped. Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman: An Early Attempt

Producer William Dozier tried his hand at bringing Wonder Woman to television in 1967 with a campy, short presentation film starring Ellie Wood Walker and Linda Harrison. It didn’t sell and no series materialized. Continue Reading →

The Baileys of Balboa

This CBS sitcom ran for 26 episodes during the 1964-1965 season. Paul Ford starred as Sam Bailey, the crusty captain of a charter boat always at odds with the more affluent citizens of Balboa Island. Continue Reading →

The New People

ABC’s The New People ran for just 17 episodes during the 1969-1970 season before being cancelled due to low ratings. It left a lasting impression on those few viewers who did tune in. Continue Reading →