Blog Highlight: Broadcast Log

Unlike traditional episode guides, the following broadcast logs do not include episode summaries. They are an attempt to accurately track the entire broadcast history or a single season of a specific television series. Included are episode numbers, titles and air dates for every original episode, every repeat and every pre-emption broadcast over the course of the series or season.

Betty Crocker Star Matinee (ABC

CBS Television Quiz (CBS)

The Fantastic Journey (NBC)

For Your Pleasure (NBC)

From a Bird's Eye View (NBC)

Girl About Town (NBC)

Hollywood Special (ABC)

Irwin Allen's Swiss Family Robinson (ABC)

NBC Monday Night at the Movies

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies

NBC Wednesday Night at the Movies

Ruthie on the Telephone (CBS)

Teen-Age Book Club (ABC)

Thrills and Chills (WNBT/W2XWV/WABD)