Broadcast Log for The Fantastic Journey

It took NBC four months to air 10 episodes of short-lived sci-fi series The Fantastic Journey. It premiered in early February and the series aired weekly that month. It was pre-empted twice in March and April and then went off the air for seven weeks, returning in mid-April for one last episode.

According to several online episode guides, two episodes (“Children of the Gods” and “A Dream of Conquest”) aired on February 24th. Most other guides and all of the newspaper listings I consulted indicate NBC aired “A Dream of Conquest” on March 10th. Wikipedia currently shows “The Innocent Prey” airing on June 6th rather than June 16th but that might be a typo.

The following is hopefully an accurate list of The Fantastic Journey episodes and pre-emptions.

Season 1: 1977
Ep. # Title Airdate
1. “Vortex” (Part 1) 02/03/1977
2. “Atlantium” (Part 2) 02/10/1977
3. “Beyond the Mountain” 02/17/1977
4. “Children of the Gods” 02/24/1977
PRE-EMPTED: NBC Movie of the Week (Outer Space Connection) 03/03/1977
5. “A Dream of Conquest” 03/10/1977
PRE-EMPTED: NCAA Basketball 03/17/1977
6. “An Act of Love” 03/24/1977
7. “Funhouse” 03/31/1977
8. “Turnabout” 04/07/1977
PRE-EMPTED: NBC Reports (Day with President Carter) 04/14/1977
9. “Riddles” 04/21/1977
PRE-EMPTED: Death Trap 04/28/1977
PRE-EMPTED: Baa Baa Black Sheep (Repeat) 05/05/1977
PRE-EMPTED: Baa Baa Black Sheep (Repeat) 05/12/1977
PRE-EMPTED: Predator 05/19/1977
PRE-EMPTED: The Lindbergh Kidnapping (Repeat) 05/26/1977
PRE-EMPTED: Energy: Another View/NBC Double Feature Movie I (Salty) 06/02/1977
PRE-EMPTED: The Sunshine Boys 06/09/1977
10. “The Innocent Prey” 06/16/1977

If you have any corrections or questions, please contact me or hit the comments.

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  1. According to a book, Desi Arnaz was in the original pilot of THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY as a WW2 pilot but the network greatly redid the pilot and got rid of all of Arnaz’s footage and replaced him with Jared Martin. This show was a mess from episode one. They really hated SF in those days.

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