TV Guide – Behind the Scenes of the 1964-1965 Season

Enjoy a selection of TV Guide Picture Features from the 1964-1965 season featuring Judy Carne, Jim Nabors, Walter Brennan, Sally Field, and more.

During the 1960s (and perhaps beyond) TV Guide published what it called Picture Features in most issues. As the name suggests, Picture Features were heavy on photograph with only limited text. Usually, they took readers behind the scenes TV shows and specials but sometimes they focused on an individual actor or actress and their personal hobbies or collecting habits. Most of the Picture Features ran two pages. However, some were as long as seven pages. Occasionally, multiple Picture Features appeared in a single issue of TV Guide.

This exhibit presents the following ten Picture Features published in TV Guide between August 1964 and August 1965:

“Making Quite a Splash in a New Series”
August 22, 1964
Judy Carne attempts water skiing for the opening credits to her new CBS sitcom The Baileys of Balboa.

“A Star is Shorn”
September 26, 1964
Jim Nabors has his hair shaved off for his new sitcom Gomer Pyle, USMC–and doesn’t enjoy the experience.

“That’s Snow Business”
October 10, 1964
Combat shoots snow scenes on location and in the studio.

“Building Gilligan’s Island”
October 31, 1964
An uncharted desert isle is constructed for Gilligan’s Island.

“Let’s Get the Show on the Road”
January 9, 1965
A look at how Balboa Island is recreated for The Baileys of Balboa on CBS.

“Down to the Sea in a Hollywood Moat”
January 30, 1965
How Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea vehicles are filmed.

“Walter Brennan Plays a Statue”
March 13, 1965
Walter Brennan is turned into a statue for an episode of The Tycoon.

“Hollywood on Wheels”
May 8, 1965
Television stars including Bill Bixby, Fess Parker and Richard Chamberlain ride bicycles on and between Hollywood studios for fun and food.

“Bob Denver Takes a Dive”
July 17, 1965
For an episode of Gilligan’s Island, Bob Denver and a dummy fall out of a tree.

“Whee!…Not to Mention POW!”
August 14, 1965
Sally Field learns how to throw a punch.

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