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More on Selena Mead

Writing The Strange Case of “Selena Mead” meant I had to opportunity to read several of Patricia McGerr’s short stories featuring Selena Mead. The ones I read were all published in This Week although I believe additional stories were included in issues of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Here’s a list of the stories I’ve come … Continue Reading →

New Article: The Mysterious Case of “Selena Mead”

This is a topic that has always intrigued me and I hope others find it intriguing as well. Read The Mysterious Case of “Selena Mead”: Mystery writer Patricia McGerr created the character of Selena Mead in October of 1963 in the pages of This Week magazine, a newspaper supplement. Short stories starring the lovely lady … Continue Reading →

Quarterly Bonanza Ratings, 1959-1969

Here’s something you don’t see very often. In its September 22nd, 1969 issue, Broadcasting listed the quarterly ratings for NBC’s Bonanza from the start of the series in 1959 through the first half of 1969. Rarely is it possible to chart the growth — and decline — of a successful series. Unfortunately, I don’t have … Continue Reading →

New Version of “V” for ABC

I certainly wouldn’t call V (the miniseries) or its sequel V: The Final Battle obscure but before it was released on DVD I’m fairly sure V: The Series was at least partially an obscurity. That gives me the leeway I need to comment on the news that ABC has ordered a pilot for a new … Continue Reading →