New York City Hooper Ratings for Election Night 1948

According to C.E. Hooper, Inc. on November 2nd, 1948–Election Night–74.1% of television households in New York City were watching election coverage between 9PM and 11PM on one of five stations.

Here are the specifics:

Station Rating
WNBT: 32.3
WJZ: 15.0
WABD: 13.6
WCBS: 8.2
WPIX: 5.0

Before reporting Hooper’s ratings for radio and television, The New York Times noted, “Should anyone still believe in polls,” a reference to the now infamous upset that saw incumbent Harry S. Truman defeat heavily favored Thomas E. Dewey.

1 “Radio and Television.” New York Times. 4 Nov. 1948: 58.

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One Reply to “New York City Hooper Ratings for Election Night 1948”

  1. Based on research I once did, NBC/WNBT’s anchorman for Election Night 1948 was John Cameron Swayze, who also anchored NBC’s 1948 convention coverage and did off-camera narration for a ten-minute newsreel airing every weeknight. In February of 1949, perhaps due to his rising popularity, NBC moved Swayze in front of the camera as anchorman.

    Commentary was provided by Ben Grauer and Life magazine’s Sidney Olsen. In fact, Life actually co-produced NBC’s 1948 convention and election coverage.

    Anchoring for CBS was Douglas Edwards; Quincy Howe and Ed Murrow (who mostly did commentary spots on radio) did occasional commentary spots on TV.

    I believe H.R. Baukhage was anchorman for ABC.

    I have no idea who anchored DuMont’s coverage, but that coverage actually outpulled CBS’s in local New York ratings.

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