New York City Hooper Ratings for Election Night 1948

According to C.E. Hooper, Inc. on November 2nd, 1948–Election Night–74.1% of television households in New York City were watching election coverage between 9PM and 11PM on one of five stations.

Here are the specifics:

Station Rating
WNBT: 32.3
WJZ: 15.0
WABD: 13.6
WCBS: 8.2
WPIX: 5.0

Before reporting Hooper’s ratings for radio and television, The New York Times noted, “Should anyone still believe in polls,” a reference to the now infamous upset that saw incumbent Harry S. Truman defeat heavily favored Thomas E. Dewey.

1 “Radio and Television.” New York Times. 4 Nov. 1948: 58.

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