The Name of the Game, Run for Your Life Coming to Cozi TV

Cozi TV, the classic television digital specialty network that launched in January, is adding a few new shows this month: The Name of the Game and Run for Your Life. While neither of these shows are obscure, they aren’t nearly as well-known as most of the shows (The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie’s Angels, Marcus Welby, M.D., Magnum, P.I.) Cozi TV has been airing to date.

The Name of the Game debuts tomorrow (Friday, August 2nd) from 3-4:30AM but based on television listings through mid-August will air primarily from 3:30-5AM most days of the week. Run for Your Life, on the other hand, has been given a regular weekday time slot. Starting Monday (August 5th) it will air from 11AM-12PM with an evening episode on Fridays from 11PM-12AM.

Both shows originally aired on NBC; Cozi TV is owned by NBCUniversal. Run for Your Life, which ran for three seasons and 85 episodes from 1965 to 1968, was last seen on television a few years ago on Retro Television Network (now known as Retro TV). But The Name of the Game, which ran for three seasons and 76 episodes from 1968 to 1971, has not been seen on television since the late 1990s when it aired on Encore Mystery.

I am also seeing in the Cozi TV listings something called “Dramatic Anthologies” which consists of episodes of anthology series from the 1950s like Four Star Playhouse and The Star and the Story. Two episodes are scheduled to air this Sunday (August 4th) and another two next Sunday (August 11th).

You can check here to see if you get Cozi TV in your area.

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  1. Also noticed that revival of the Deputy, with Henry Fonda has stepped in to replace Wells Fargo. Another rarely seen oldie.

  2. I set my dvr to record all episodes of Dramatic Anthologies and, so far, it’s always been an infomercial instead.

  3. The Name of the Game was shown last Friday, but infomercials replaced it this morning. Especially upsetting as the scheduled episode, “Los Angeles 2017” — directed by Spielberg — was one that seems particularly interesting. Most peculiar.

    How I wish I subscribed to Encore when they ran TNOTG.

    1. Ira, it may be your local Cozi TV affiliate is airing infomercials in place of The Name of the Game. My understanding is that stations can pre-empt Cozi TV programming if they want to, either for local programming or infomercials.

  4. Re TNOTG / LA Market – infomercials. Very disappointing. Thanks, Robert, for the possible explanation.

    1. I forgot to mention I’m in NYC. If both NY and LA affiliates are pulling TNOTG….well, it seems odd. I’ll try to contact the station here and find out what’s going on. If unsuccessful….we’ll see what happens tonight. Let’s hope this was a one-time screw-up.

      1. Yes, I ran out and got an off air tuner and antenna to DVR Name of the Game only to get a bunch of infomercials about juicers and teeth whiteners. Very disappointed!

  5. I feel for you Marc, Ira, all! Ira, let us know if you get anywhere with your local NYC NBC affiliate. It’s a conspiracy, I say – and sure there’s a past TNOTG episode to back me on that one (lol)

  6. The NYC Cozi station showed TNOTG (“Love-In at Ground Zero”) this morning, glory be! Hopefully a trend is developing. Victoria, what happened in LA?

    1. Yes, we got Love-In at Ground Zero and Keep the Doctor Away so far. Hopefully they will run all 3 seasons.

  7. Glad to hear the show is on when it should be. Did anyone have any luck contacting their local Cozi TV affiliate to see what happened with episode(s) replaced with infomercials?

  8. After 2 days of episodes they pre-empted again with infomercials. This is very odd. I sent Cozi and NY NBC a message but haven’t heard anything.

  9. As previous posters have mentioned, the local NYC Cozi TV affiliate (WNBC-DT2) has been pre-empting “The Name of the Game” with infomercials about 50% of the time. I sent a polite message of complaint, with no reply.

    Still, no doubt, glad to see at least some of these great episodes– at least one of which (“Keep the Doctor Away”) was not part of the 1990s Encore Mystery telecasts. Maybe some other long-unseen eps will sneak through.

    Also glad to see beautiful prints of Kraft Suspense Theater (with the syndication title “Crisis!”) showing up at various times on Cozi. It’s a great channel– I just wish my local channel allowed it to be shown as intended.

  10. I’m also in the LA market. As noted, the Name of the Game listings on the Cozi TV website are completely unreliable (plus, sometimes the shows are listed as 30 minutes long). Sometimes the show starts early, sometimes late, and sometimes (as noted) not at all. If Cozi can make $50 for an infomercial, then we don’t get our show. And, you can’t just let the Tivo record as listed (I missed the first 30 minutes of two episodes and the last 30 minutes of another). I gave up and started setting a manual record from 2AM to 5:30. If there’s going to be an airing, it’ll be some time within that period. I’m glad we’re getting something, but it shouldn’t be this much work for the viewers.

  11. Beth, I share your pain. I thought I had figured out the pattern for broadcasts in the NYC area, with “Name of the Game” running at 3:30 AM Eastern (or occasionally 3:00) on Thursday and Friday mornings, and most other mornings preempted by infomercials. But other random mornings it’s been coming through as well, so I set my recordings manually, too. Sigh.

    This past Monday, Cozi ran two episodes in a row—one at 2:00 AM and another at 3:30—just to keep us on our toes.

    A useable TNOTG schedule has been posted periodically at the following Facebook page:

  12. I’ve been watching TNOTG here in Houston, when it airs 2:30AM or @ 2 AM some of the time..Cozi may be replacing it with “The Virginian” reruns. I’ll enjoy TNOTG as long as it airs in my area. I joined the party too late but I’m glad to have been able to see some of Robert Stack/Anthony Franciosa episodes. So far, my favorite episodes have been “A Hard Case of the Blues” with Sharon Farrell(who would go on to be on The Young and the Restless, for a spell). Ms. Farrell’s role, reminds me a bit of Janis Joplin; “The Tradition”(Gene Barry episode); and ” Laurie Marie”(Anthony Franciosa)..Can’t wait for it to come back again on the next go round.

  13. It’s still on as of Sept. 14, 2013..I checked the facebook page for this site and the episode that will be presented each day will be listed. Game on Mr. Barry, Mr. Stack and Mr. Franciosa and Ms. James! I and many other fans will be watching

  14. In NYC, Name of the Game is on Thursday & Friday mornings 3 AM .
    Just saw “The King Of Denmark ” & “Echo of a nightmare”

  15. Gosharootie, I just discovered TNOG last night on COZI when they showed 2 episodes in prime time. LOVE the show, somehow I missed knowing it was on (or not on, with the infomercials…) at 3 AM. Does anyone know if they showed one of my favorites “One of the Girls in Research” a late second season episode with Brenda Vacarro and Judi West?? There was a syndication package a while back that people sell on iOffer, but it wasn’t in that.



  16. I remember this show airing on City TV in the ’70’s when I was a child. It’s too bad that this show isn’t on DVD, or hasn’t been rerun much.

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